2017 Meadowlands Trip

Meadowlands Boat Trip
On Thursday, August 31, 2017, fourteen people joined our guide, Capt. Hugh Carola of the Hackensack Riverkeeper, as we traveled the Hackensack River through the Meadowlands Important Bird Area (IBA) in Hudson & Bergen counties. A total of 33 species were seen during the trip. Highlights included close views of many birds, such as immature yellow-crowned night herons (including one standing on a dock), an adult peregrine falcon perched on the top of a girder under the NJ Turnpike, an American kestrel briefly chasing an osprey, and a Caspian tern standing on a mudflat in the river. Capt. Carola shared his knowledge of the history of the area, as well as past and current issues facing the Meadowlands IBA. Thank you to all who participated!

The club’s next field trip will be a hawk watch at Sunrise Mountain, led by Scott Rando, on Saturday, Sept. 23, starting at 9 AM (rain date Sept. 24).

Boat trip species list

Canada goose
American black duck
Double-crested cormorant
Great Blue Heron
Great egret
Snowy egret
Green heron
Black-crowned night heron
Yellow-crowned night heron
Northern harrier
Red-tailed hawk
Least sandpiper
Greater yellowlegs
Lesser yellowlegs
Laughing gull
Ring-billed gull
Herring gull
Great black-backed gull
Caspian tern
Forster’s tern
Rock pigeon (aka Peregrine food)
Mourning dove
American kestrel
Peregrine falcon
Barn swallow
Northern mockingbird
European starling
Red-winged blackbird
House finch
America goldfinch
House sparrow