3/31 Deadline for Sparta Mtn Public Comment

From: S Opresnick <friendsofspartamountain@gmail.com>
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: DEADLINE for Public Comment Ends Thursday March 31st Please submit your Concerns Now
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2016 23:05:20 -0400

Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying the Spring Break.
This is a friendly reminder that the Deadline for Public Comment for the Sparta Wildlife Logging NJDEP plan ends tomorrow March 31st.
Please submit your concerns into the NJDEP directly or you can go to the https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfSpartaMountain/

FB page and use the “Sign Up” feature.

Below are some points to consider. That is, some of the “top” reasons why this plan should be Rejected /Abandoned!
1a) No Envir Impact Studies were done so the negative effects to the existing wildlife, to our air and water quality have not been determined.
For this reason alone the plan should be rejected.
1b) What about the negative affects to our home property values? Too much Risk and hence should be rejected. Stand 9 calls for fire near Ryker lake and around Edison Bog.
2) This area is in the Highland Protected Watershed area and this logging plan puts at risk the drinking water to over 5.4M NJ People.
 Again too much risk involved and plan should be rejected.  Safety of our water is paramount!
3) This current plan calls for the use of herbicides (toxic /cancer causing chemicals ) in an area that is protected under the Highlands Act and because of #2 should be rejected as using toxic chemicals near the aquifers and watershed area of SMWMA is completely irresponsible and egregious. Hence, this plan needs to be rejected!
4) The SMWMA is an area that is funded by NJ taxpayer dollars under the Green Acres mission, who’s mission is to preserve the open spaces for the enjoyment and recreational use of its people, and not for logging.  ( Hence this plan violates the Green Acres mission and should be abandoned)
5)  The proposed plan violates the NJ ” No Net Loss Law”, as in areas where clear-cuts have already occurred the re-growth of trees has been very slow, and NO more clear cutting should be done. The damage to our roads, the ph of the soil, to the additional water runoff and to the overall air and water quality is of too much risk, and hence this plan needs to be rejected.
6) Ryker Lake is an area that provides the headwater for the C1 category Russia Brook which is an area of extreme conservation, and hence logging near or around Ryker Lake puts too much risk  to this area. by removing trees this area is prone to  soil erosion, water run off, sediment runoff and poses much more risk. This plan must be abandoned.
Please send in additional comments, and let me know your thoughts.  The NJ Sierra Club and NJ Highlands is  planning a  Public TOWN HALL, so stay tuned for EVENT details.   It will probably be a Thursday night, so please clear your schedule.
Thank you so very much,