Action Alerts

DEADLINE 12/14/21: Contact your NJ Assembly rep to support bill NJ A2070

NJ A2070 proposes a ban on non-agricultural use of neonics that are unnecessary or that can be replaced with less harmful alternatives. Neonics are neurotoxic pesticides that are absorbed by plants, long-lasting in the environment, & deadly to birds & other animals. They are linked to massive losses of bees, other pollinators, & birds. Recent testing shows that neonics, widely used in lawns & gardens throughout the state, appear in waters throughout NJ. This strongly indicates widespread ecological contamination. We’re already seeing declines in honeybees & other critical pollinators. Fewer pollinators can lead to increased food prices, reduced access to healthier foods, & food scarcity that hit low-income communities & communities of color especially hard.

Call or email your NJ State Legislature Representatives by December 14th.