Want to volunteer?


Do you love birds?

Would you like to do more than watch them, and be involved in helping them?

Then perhaps you might consider volunteering for the Avian Wildlife Center in Wantage.
The Center is run entirely by the efforts of volunteers helping with bird rehabilitation.

Volunteers are needed to:

– Verify a report of an injured bird
– Transport an injured bird to the Center
– Locate a population or active nest of a certain species
so that young birds can be returned to the wild where their species currently thrives
– Identify good release sites for raptors
– Capture an injured bird
– And more!

If you’re a new birder, this can be a great way to learn things about birds that you won’t read in a field guide.
Experienced birders will have a new way to apply their skills to help the birds the enjoy.
And young people can expand their education, learning skills that can help with school or scout projects.

Interested? Then please contact the Avian Wildlife Center at avianwildlife@aol.com or by calling 973-702-1957.