Citizen Science Projects

We invite you to participate in Citizen Science projects and efforts that use data gathered from everyday birdwatchers to help scientists study birds. From monitoring population trends and species distribution, to analyzing the impacts of climate change on birds, to documenting rare bird sightings, the data that you, the birder, can contribute is vital to bird and nature conservation efforts.

Please use these links to learn more, and consider participating in at least one project.


eBird – log your sightings, check what’s being seen in your county or state, maintain your life list, learn about bird species from around the world, and much more!

Project Feeder Watch – track the birds at your feeders from Nov through April, compare your lists from year to year, see what’s visiting feeders in other yards.

The Great Backyard Bird Count – count the birds in your yard during 4 days in February.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology – sponsors many projects, including Bird Cams that allow you to watch as Great Blue Herons, Red-tailed Hawks, and other birds breed and raise young in the nest. This link will allow you to learn about the work being done; use the home page to learn even more about Cornell’s efforts in bird and nature conservation.

Audubon (National Audubon Society) – learn about Audubon’s Citizen Science projects like the Christmas Bird Count; use the home page to learn more about the National Audubon Society’s work.

The Chickadee’s Guide to gardening by Douglas W. Tallamy. Learn about the relationship between plants, insects, and birds.  The Chickadee’s Guide to Gardening