Hyper Humus Project

As some of you may know from the meetings, we’ve been working on a project to commemorate Jim Zamos at Hyper Humus.

Our proposal to rename the site after him was denied by the State/DEP, since they are “no longer naming sites after people and are planning to revert previously named sites to their former names”. However, we did receive permission to proceed with our proposal to install benches, and we have completed the installation of two so far. The others are temporarily on hold while NJ F&W reviews permit applications from Ducks Unlimited and The Nature Conservancy for work within the Hyper Humus site.

We are seeking volunteers to assist with maintaining (mostly weed-whacking) the bench sites during the spring through fall. NJ F&W anticipates that we would need to do this work 1-2 times per month during the growing season. We have been permitted access to the gates while work is done. Volunteers for any aspect of this project must complete a form for NJ F&W. Please contact Marianne via email (sussexbirds@centurylink.net) to volunteer or for more information. Thank you!