Hyper Humus Nature Walk

The Jim Zamos Memorial Hyper Humus Nature Walk

Sunday, 4/24/2016

JZ Rail check at Hyper

Leader: Marianne Ofenloch

The club has held a bird walk at Hyper Humus on the last Sunday of April since 1975, and Jim Zamos, who explored, played, and birded in this area from his childhood through last year,was often the trip leader.

Regardless of who led, or showed up, or weather conditions, Jim went on this walk. He kept a record of sightings for this trip over the last four decades, and was always seeking to add another bird to the “Hyper Humus Trip List”.

In April 2014, Jim led his last trip at Hyper Humus and was able to add the screech owl to the list. Last year, we added snow goose to the trip list, which now stands at 159 total species. What can we add this year?

Please join us as we continue this annual club trip in his memory!

Meet at the Warbasse Junction parking lot at 8:30 am and plan to spend a few hours traversing Jim’s favorite haunt in search of birds, old and new.

For more information, contact Marianne Ofenloch at sussexbirds@centurylink.net