Other Events


Hike at Hyper Humus – Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017 – 10:00 AM (rain or shine)

The Nature Conservancy will be leading a hike/information session for the public at Hyper Humus. Their goal is to introduce a wider audience to both the Hyper Humus site and TNC’s project goals (see below) for the area. TNC is at the beginning of what will likely be a 2+ year project; they note that, when the time comes to decide upon a plan, NJ Fish & Wildlife will be the decision maker. The hike route will most likely be the same one used by our club during our annual April walk. Meeting place is the dirt parking lot at 280 Warbasse Junction Road in Lafayette Township. TNC has asked that members of the bird club familiar with Hyper Humus and, more importantly, the birds and wildlife of the area participate in this hike so as to provide some expertise and context to the discussions of the project goals. If you would like to share your knowledge, your love of the Hyper Humus area, or are simply curious about TNC’s proposals or Hyper Humus itself, please join us on Oct. 21st for this hike.
*Goals of TNC’s Restoration Project:

  1. Improving the floodplain’s ability to absorb and filter stormwater and pollutants
  2. Improving water quality, including thermal impacts, and more natural flow regime in the headwaters
  3. Enhancing wildlife habitat in and along the river
  4. Improving opportunities for people to hike, fish, bird-watch, and understand the history of the site.