Sunrise Mtn Hawk Watch

Sunrise Mountain Hawk Watches

Sunday, 9/13/2015
Sunday, 10/4/2015

Leader: Fred Weber

Join leader Fred Weber and other fellow birders at the lookout on top of Sunrise Mountain in Stokes State Forest as they observe and tally migrating raptors.  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to identify hawk species in flight as they soar south over the Appalachian ridges.

Two hawk watch dates have been chosen to give participants the chance to experience both early and middle phases of the fall raptor migration.  Sunday, September 13 should feature the early migrants, with the potential for many broadwings.  Sharp-shins, Coopers hawks, and kestrels should also be seen, and ospreys and bald eagles are likely. Sunday, October 4 will be prime time for sharp-shins, Coopers hawks, and merlins.  Red shouldered hawk, osprey, bald eagle, kestrel, peregrine, and harrier are all possible.

Meet on the top of Sunrise Mountain at 9:00 am or arrive anytime after, and stay as long as you are able to.  Bring lunch or snacks if you desire.  Fred will be available all day between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, so “come when you can, leave when you must.”   The more eyes scanning the sky the better.  And… there is no better way to learn the raptors!

Directions:  Take Route 206 North, past Culver’s Lake – turn right onto Sunrise Mtn Rd.  About 4 miles in from Route 206, turn right and drive up to the parking lot. Walk south along the trail to the open lookout by the large stone shelter.