Whittingham WMA Walk

Whittingham Wildlife Management Area
National Recreation Area

Sunday, 5/8/2016

Leader: Karyn Cichocki (973-579-7914)

 Join leader Karyn Cichocki for a ramble on the trails through the Whittingham Wildlife Management Area.

This is prime time in a prime location – expect to see many species of warblers and other migrant passerines as well as a nice array of May wildflowers along the trails that pass through forest, fields undergoing succession, and Big Spring wetland.

This field trip was a very popular staple on the club’s spring schedule for many years – it is wonderful to have it again!

Meet at 8:00 AM in the Wittingham parking lot on County Route 618 (Fredon Springdale Road/Willows Road) in Fredon.

The trip will end by noon.

For further information, contact Karyn at 973-579-7914 or at kdc05@ptd.net.