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2017 Christmas Bird Count
Hello all! The annual Christmas Bird Count fast approaches! If you participated in previous counts and would like to do so again, or if you would like to join the count for the first time this year, please email me at

For those who have not done a count before, here’s some info. The first count was formed by ornithologist Frank Chapman, beginning on Christmas Day 1900. He proposed the count as an alternative to the tradition of hunting birds on Christmas Day. Since then, folks have been counting birds every year between December 14 and January 5.

The Sussex Count has traditionally been held on the first Sunday of the count period, so we are continuing that tradition as it is best for tracking trends in the data from year to year. This year, our count will be held on Sunday, Dec. 17th. You can be part of a team that is assigned to count birds in a specific geographic zone, or you can count birds at your feeders if your residence falls within the count circle. Please contact me ( for more info or to find out if your residence falls within the circle.  This year’s flyer can be viewed here