Sightings 2015

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12/31 Debbi Bifulco saw a red-tailed hawk being dive-bombed by crows at KVSP. In her Andover yard she had a tree sparrow, downy woodpeckers, and titmice.


12/31 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had 15 turkeys in a cornfield across from her house. Four yellow-rumped warblers, an unknown accipiter, and many starlings were in her yard.

12/29 Andover: In her yard Debbi Bifulco had 20-30 goldfinches, 20 house finches, 1 pine siskin, many titmice, nuthatches & chickadees, 1 purple finch, 3 cowbirds, and a Cooper’s hawk. Two red-tailed hawks were tangling with a crow, and a blue jay was seen feeding another one.


12/28 Donna & Don Traylor had a pair of wood ducks in the stream behind their house in Frankford.

12/23 Barb Sendelbach has had robins, cedar waxwings, and purple finches in her Lafayette yard.

122315 PF 122115 CW 122115 AR

12/20 Scott Rando had a skein of at least 150 Canada geese flying over his house in Shohola, PA.

12/19 Marianne Ofenloch had 2 drake long-tailed ducks and 6 bald eagles at Culver Lake.

12/14 Tommy Sudol had 2 catbirds along Parson Rd at the upper end of Paulinskill Lake. Also present were yellow-rumps, purple finches, robins, a flicker, and a swamp sparrow.

12/14 Karyn Cichocki had a grackle at her house in Lafayette. About 100 robins were in the trees behind Bon Chef on Rt 94.

12/9 Montague: Marianne Ofenloch had a sharp-shinned hawk, a flock of house finches, and a male hairy woodpecker. Culver Lake had a female black scoter, 4 redhead ducks, and a snow goose.









12/6 Delaware Valley area: Jack Padalino led a search for eagles that produced 30 species including 15 bald eagles, 1 peregrine falcon, and 6 red-tailed hawks.

12/6 Dennis Briede & Alan Boyd did a ‘Big Stay’ on Dennis’ deck facing the Kittatinny Ridge north of Blairstown. Thirty-nine species were seen or heard including 1 screech owl, 1 great-horned owl, 68 robins, 12 bluebirds, 11 purple finches, 7 pine siskins, 5 pileated woodpeckers, 35 blue jays, 23 cedar waxwings, 1 hermit thrush, 2 yellow-rumps, 1 red-shouldered hawk, 1 ruby-crowned kinglet, and 1 brown thrasher.

12/4 Culver Lake: Karyn Cichocki had a pair of pintails, 2 pairs of American wigeon, 2 red-necked grebes, several buffleheads, 10 canvasbacks, 10 ring-neckeds, 2 coots, 20 ruddy ducks, a pied-billed grebe, and 4 pairs of common goldeneye. Sixty mourning doves were in one tree on Roy Road. A yellow-rump was at her birdbath in Lafayette.

11/30 Tommy Sudol had a pied-billed grebe and a common loon on Swartswood Lake.

11/30 Jeff Crawn had an adult bald eagle at the end of Warbasse Junction Rd in Lafayette.


11/30 Marianne Ofenloch had 700 snow geese flying over her house in Montague. Kuser Natural Area had a raven, 2 pileated woodpeckers, and a white-breasted nuthatch.

11/30 Culver Lake: Fred Weber had 3 redheads, a female black scoter, a brant, a red-throated loon, a pair of pintails, 3000 gulls, and 1000 Canada geese.

11/30 Karyn Cichocki had 20 pairs of buffleheads, 2 pairs of American wigeon, 1 pair of pintails, many Canada geese and gulls on Culver Lake. A pond on Pines Rd in Frankford had 10 black ducks.

11/29 Andover: Debbi Bifulco had winter wren, robins, and juncos in her yard.

WIWR (2) AMRO (2) DEJU-1 (2)

11/29 Sandy McPhail had a male sapsucker in her yard in Portland, PA.

11/26 Culver Lake: Marianne Ofenloch had 3 redhead ducks, a female black scoter, and a brant. A snow goose was in with Canadas at the Homestead pond, and a female red-breasted merganser was at Swartswood Lake.

11/24 Karyn Cichocki had a fox sparrow in her yard in Lafayette.

11/24 Fred Weber had 3 redheads, 2 common loons, 65 ring-necked ducks, several buffleheads, and 2 pied-billed grebes on Culver Lake.

11/22 Sunrise Mtn hawkwatch: Scott Rando had 3 bald eagles, 5 red-tailed hawks, 4 turkey vultures, 3 sharp-shinned hawks, and several ravens.

Imm RTHA (2) Raven and RT (2)

11/22 Fred Weber had a female red-breasted merganser on Culver Lake. Two bald eagles were eating at a goose carcass in the cove behind the fruit stand on Rt 206.

11/21 A SCBC waterfowl trip led my Roger & Merle Tanis had 40 species including 2 red-necked grebes, common goldeneye, a black scoter, a brant, a pintail, an American wigeon, 3 pileated woodpeckers, and 5 mature bald eagles.

11/20 Sunrise Mtn hawkwatch: Scott Rando reported 5 red-tailed hawks, 1 harrier, some ravens, turkey & black vultures, and Canada geese.

NOHA (2)

11/18 Culver Lake: Marianne Ofenloch had 2 female lesser scaup, a female black scoter, mallards, Canada geese, and ring-billed gulls.

11/17 Ken Witkowski had a pine siskin at his feeder in Stockholm.

11/17 Culver Lake: Roger & Merle Tanis had a common loon, coots, buffleheads, ruddy ducks, an American wigeon, and 7 common goldeneye. They had two red-necked grebes at Swartswood Lake a couple of days earlier.

11/16 Sandy McPhail had a lone evening grosbeak fly over the firehouse in Knowlton Twp.

11/15 Andover: Debbi Bifulco had a fox sparrow and a male purple finch in her yard. Many robins and cedar waxwings are using her birdbath.


11/13 Sunrise Mtn hawkwatch: Scott Rando reports 6 bald eagles, 1 golden eagle, 6 red-tailed hawks, 4 turkey vultures, a harrier, and a sharp-shinned hawk.


11/13 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki has had robins, starlings, cedar waxwings, a golden-crowned kinglet, and a mockingbird around her yard.DSCF0007

11/13 Marianne Ofenloch had a pair of hooded mergansers, a lesser scaup, a pair of greater scaup, 2 red-necked grebes, a bald eagle, ruddy ducks, and coots on Culver Lake.

11/12 Donna & Don Traylor have had a fox sparrow in their yard in Frankford.

11/11 Culver Lake: Marianne Ofenloch had a red-throated loon, 2 pairs of common goldeneye, 59 coots, a brant, 2 common loons, and 2 pied-billed grebes.

11/11 Tommy Sudol had a greater scaup on Fairview Lake.

11/8 Karyn Cichocki added bald eagle to her yard list in Lafayette.

11/7 Marianne Ofenloch had a brant with Canada geese on Culver Lake. Thirty-five rusty blackbirds were with red-wings at Hainesville WMA.


11/5 Andover: Around her yard Debbi Bifulco had a purple finch, cedar waxwings, robins, yellow-rumps, a ruby-crowned kinglet, many juncos and white-throats, A Compton’s tortoiseshell butterfly was at Kittatinny Valley S.P.

WTSP CEDW ComptonTortoiseshell


11/5 Fred Weber had 175 ruddy ducks, several gadwall, and 2 common loons on Culver Lake. A red-breasted nuthatch was at Lake Ocquittunk in Stokes S.F.

10/31 Tom Halliwell had about 30 American pipits at Kittatinny Valley S.P. They were in the field adjacent to the campground.AMPI

10/31 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki has had many robins, waxwings, and starlings at her birdbath. Several red-wings were in the reeds at Snover Rd.

10/30 Sunrise Mtn hawkwatch: Scott Rando had 42 sharp-shins, 2 red-tails, 2 bald eagles, 1 golden eagle, 1 harrier, 1 red-shouldered, 1 northern goshawk, both vultures, crows, and Canada geese.

NOHA_dorsal BAEA dawn GOEA_imm_way_out SS_Fight NOHA_vent

10/30 Maria Loukeris had at least 3 Bonaparte’s gull and many common mergansers at the causeway where Newton/Swartswood Rd crosses Paulinskill Lake.

bonapartes 023 bonapartes 018

10/29 Scott Rando had 3 buffleheads on Walker Lake in Shohola, PA.

10/29 Marianne Ofenloch had 3 horned grebes and a male long-tailed duck on Culver Lake.

10/28 Culver Lake: Marianne Ofenloch had 3 coots, several buffleheads, ring-necked ducks, & ruddys, a common loon, a pied-billed grebe, and 2 red-necked grebes.


10/27 Don & Donna Traylor had a female purple finch at their feeder in Frankford Twp. A barred owl has been calling the last two nights.

10/24 Marge Barrett and Joe Burgiel had a goshawk flying across Rt 23 near the High Point S.P. office.

10/23 Culver Lake: Fred Weber had a red-throated loon, 50 ruddy ducks, 50 ring-necked ducks, several pectoral sandpipers, 30 rusty blackbirds, and a long-billed dowitcher. He added a golden eagle to Scott Rando’s Sunrise Mtn report from earlier in the day.

10/23 Sunrise Mtn hawkwatch: Scott Rando reported 20 raptors including sharp-shinned, Coopers, red-shouldered, northern harrier, and an adult bald eagle. Canada geese, both vultures, and a cooperative horned lark were also noted as well as a buck moth egg mass.

RT SS at dawn Horned Lark BuckMoth eggs

10/22 Fred Weber had 12 pectoral sandpipers on the mudflats at the Culver Lake causeway.

10/22 Liberty Loop: Ken Witkowski had hundreds of mallards and green-winged teal, many pintails, American wigeon, & black ducks, a great egret, 6 pectoral sandpipers, song, swamp, savannah, & white-throated sparrows.

10/20 Marianne Ofenloch had a white-crowned sparrow, a purple finch, and 6 chipping sparrows in her Montague yard.

10/18 Maria Loukeris had a cackling goose at Turtle Pond in Andover.


10/18 Karyn Cichocki had a harrier on Rt 284 near Unionville. Her yard in Lafayette had white-throats, juncos, cedar waxwings, yellow-rumps, and chipping sparrows.

10/18 Hainesville WMA: Marianne Ofenloch had a red-shouldered hawk, a harrier, a raven, a bald eagle, and several pipits. Killdeer, pectoral sandpipers, and rusty blackbirds were at the Culver Lake causeway. The lake itself had ruddy ducks, gadwall, ring-necked ducks, wood ducks, American wigeon, common loon, and pied-billed grebes

10/16 Lafayette: Barb Sendelbach has had a junco, a blue-headed vireo, and several ruby-crowned kinglets in her yard.

Junco Blue-headed Vireo

10/15 Sunrise Mtn hawkwatch: Fred Weber had a red-breasted nuthatch. On 10/14 he had 75 hawks of 9 species in 5.5 hours, including a golden eagle and a possible rough-leg.

10/14 Andover: In her yard Debbi Bifulco has had eastern towhees, a yellow-rump, ruby-crowned kinglets, cedar waxwings, robins, catbirds white-throats, and a pair of pileated woodpeckers. Also, a number of monarchs have been passing through.

WTSP Monarchs GRCA (1) EATO (3)

10/14 Karyn Cichocki has had flocks of robins and cedar waxwings in her Lafayette yard. A yellow-rump was at their birdbath and a phoebe was calling nearby.

10/12 Kate Foord reports that a peregrine falcon has been seen around the High Point SP monument this summer and fall.

10/10 Dennis Briede, Kevin Cronin & Alan Boyd did a ‘Big Stay’ on Dennis’ deck facing the Kittatinny Ridge north of Blairstown. Forty-nine species were seen or heard including 2 screech owls, a woodcock, 2 catbirds, 1 house wren, 27 yellow-rumps, 24 bluebirds, 85 cedar waxwings, 4 ruby-crowned kinglets, 2 Coopers hawks, 3 sharpies, 3 kestrels, 5 bald eagles, 60 brant, 2 pileated woodpeckers, 409 Canada geese, 1 sapsucker, 1 blue-headed vireo, 1 junco, 1 raven, 1 purple finch, and 1 tree swallow.



10/10 Marianne Ofenloch had 4 white-winged scoters on Culver Lake.

10/8 Andover: Debbi Bifulco had a blackpoll warbler in her yard along with cedar waxwings, goldfinches, and a song sparrow.


10/8 Karyn Cichocki has had robins, cedar waxwings, and a common yellowthroat in her yard in Lafayette.

10/6 Tommy Sudol had 3 red-headed woodpeckers in the swamp north of Plymouth Lake in Stillwater.

10/6 Andover: Debbi Bifulco had a hummingbird in her yard as recently as 10/1. Other visitors included cedar waxwings, a yellow-rump, many goldfinches, a pewee, and a redstart.


10/5 Karyn Cichocki has 20 cedar waxwings and 2 yellow-rumped warblers in her yard in Lafayette.

10/3 Marianne Ofenloch had ring-necked ducks and juncos at Culver Lake. Two white-crowned sparrows were at Paulinskill Lake, and Hyper Humus had an osprey, a harrier, and 4 great egrets. A Swainson’s thrush was at the Warbasse Junction parking lot. A scarlet tanager continues to come to her yard in Montague.


10/1 Marianne Ofenloch had 11 white-winged scoters on Culver Lake and 7 on Holiday Lake in Montague.

9/30 Karyn Cichocki had a kestrel on the wire on Snover Rd in Lafayette. A tree frog and coyotes have been calling at night.

9/28 Montague: Marianne Ofenloch had a hermit thrush, a golden-crowned kinglet, a redstart, several blue jays, 2 osprey, and 4 ravens around her yard.

9/27 Andover: Debbi Bifulco had 20+ cedar waxwings, a common yellowthroat, and several juvenile hummingbirds in her yard.



RTHU (2)RTHU (4)

COYE (3)CEDW (2)



9/23 In her yard in Andover Debbi Bifulco had 2 black-throated green & 2 Nashville warblers, a yellowthroat, 2 hummingbirds, a monarch butterfly, and a wooly bear caterpillar.

BTNW (1) NAWA (3) Monarch (2)

Monarch (1)

9/20 Sunrise Mtn hawkwatch: Fred Weber & Scott Rando recorded 808 hawks of 7 different species including 722broadwings. They also had 105 monarch butterflies. Broadie2 Broadie1 BroadiesOsprey

9/20 Marianne Ofenloch had a catbird, a wood thrush, and 2 Swainson’s thrushes in her yard. Someone at Culver Lake may have seen the brown pelican there in the last week.

9/19 Marianne Ofenloch had a Cape May warbler at her birdbath in Montague.


9/18 Andover: In her yard Debbi Bifulco has redstarts, a blue-winged warbler, 3 hummingbirds, and at least 6 fresh monarch butterflies.DSC_2555 DSC_3541DSC_7288

9/17 Tommy Sudol had a merlin near mile marker 7 on Owassa Rd in Stillwater Twp. The same area had wood thrush, 3 rose-breasted grosbeaks, and 2 Swainson’s thrushes.

9/16 In her yard in Montague Marianne Ofenloch had Swainson’s thrush, rose-breasted grosbeak, 2 black-throated green warblers, a Cape May warbler, a Tennessee warbler, and a hummingbird.

9/16 Ryan Hartigan has seen a brown pelican 3 evenings in a row over Lake Mohawk. It frequents the area near the marina on East Shore Trail (near Balsam Parkway).

9/15 Sunrise Mtn hawkwatch: Scott Rando & Fred Weber had 58 broad-wings, 14 sharp-shinneds, 5 osprey, 1 harrier, 1 bald eagle, 1 merlin, and 1 peregrine falcon. Also noted were a timber rattlesnake, a black rat snake, yellow-rumped warblers, chipping sparrows, and 8 species of butterflies including 20 monarchs.Rattler RatSnake

9/15 Pete Grannis got a secondhand report of a brown pelican touching down briefly on Hawthorne Lake before heading west.

9/14 Marianne Ofenloch had a Swainson’s thrush with catbirds in her yard in Montague.SWTH

9/14 Sunrise Mtn hawkwatch: Scott Rando & Fred Weber had 214 broad-wings, 27 sharp-shinneds, 4 merlins, 3 osprey, 2 kestrels, 1 2nd-year bald eagle, many turkey & black vultures, and ravens. Three monarch butterflies were also seen. Sharpshinned BroadwingedMonarch

9/12 Dennis Briede & Alan Boyd did a ‘Big Stay’ on Dennis’ deck facing the Kittatinny Ridge north of Blairstown. Fifty-nine species were seen or heard including 2 bald eagles, 4 osprey, 1 merlin, 2 kestrels, 8 broad-wings, 1 harrier, 6 sharp-shins, 1 Cooper’s hawk, 1 whip-poor-will, 2 great horned owls, 2 screech owls, 1 woodcock, 7 rose-breasted grosbeaks, 15 hummingbirds, 166 cedar waxwings, 4 black-throated blue, 1 prairie, 1 hooded, 1 black-and-white, 1 chestnut-sided, and 1 Cape May warbler, 4 scarlet tanagers, 64 chimney swifts, 5 ravens, and 4 red-eyed vireos.

9/12 Fred Weber had an olive-sided flycatcher at Steam Mill in Stokes SF. Along Sunrise Mtn Rd he had 20 warblers of 8 different species including bay-breasted, Nashville, Tennessee, and 5 or 6 black-throated greens.

9/12 Karyn Cichocki had a giant swallowtail butterfly in her yard in Lafayette.

9/10 Karyn Cichocki had a raven over her house in Lafayette. She saw it later in the day over Snover Rd and over Rt 206 in Augusta.

9/8 In her yard in Lafayette, Karyn Cichocki had cardinals, goldfinches, and house finches all feeding young.

9/8 Liberty Loop: Marianne Ofenloch & Maria Loukeris had a peregrine, 2 harriers, a red-tailed hawk, 6 lesser yellowlegs, a Wilson’s snipe, and a flock of bobolinks that included a leucistic bird.

9/5 Around their yard in Frankford, Donna & Don Traylor have had American redstart, Cape May warbler, northern parula, black-and-white warbler, red-eyed vireo, scarlet tanager, cedar waxwing, American robin, Cooper’s hawk, and common nighthawk.

9/4 Marianne Ofenloch photographed a meadow jumping mouse in the Walpack area. Meadow Jumping Mouse

9/2 Debbi Bifulco has had a number of species in her Andover yard lately including magnolia & Canada warbler, redstart, common yellowthroat, scarlet tanager, and 8-10 hummingbirds.COYE CAWR (2) CAWA (1)

9/1 Montague: In her yard, Marianne Ofenloch had nighthawks, American redstart, black-throated blue, Canada, magnolia, & black-and-white warblers, Carolina & house wrens.CAWA AMRE

8/31 Liberty Loop: Tommy Sudol had solitary, semipalmated, pectoral, & least sandpipers, both yellowlegs, semipalmated plover, bobolinks, great egrets, magnolia & Nashville warblers, and a harrier.

8/30 Hainseville WMA: Marianne Ofenloch had great egret, raven, Philadelphia vireo, magnolia & Canada warblers, scarlet tanagers, and rose-breasted grosbeaks.

8/29 Mike Gannon had a sharp-shinned hawk chasing a Cooper’s hawk through his yard in Augusta.

8/29 Marianne Ofenloch had a Wilson’s warbler at the intersection of Canal Rd and the Appalachian Trail in Vernon. Liberty Loop had pectoral sandpiper, black-crowned night-heron, Wilson’s snipe, and hundreds of bobolinks.

8/28 Karyn Cichocki had rose-breasted grosbeaks, Baltimore orioles, scarlet tanagers, and 20 mourning doves in her yard in Lafayette. Forty doves were on the wires on Snover Road.

8/27 Swartswood S.P.: Marianne Ofenloch had 8 species of warblers along with other birds near Frog Pond. A buff-breasted sandpiper was at Liberty Sod Farms.

8/24 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had brown thrasher, Baltimore oriole, red-eyed vireo, white-breasted nuthatch, titmouse, and downy woodpecker in her yard.

8/16 Lafayette: Karyn Cichcoki heard a bobwhite and a great-crested flycatcher from her yard. Goldfinches have returned.

8/15 Karyn Cichocki had an immature male Baltimore oriole at her birdbath. A Coopers hawk was in her yard.Imm Coops 8-15-15 c (2)

8/10 Sussex County landfill: Marianne Ofenloch had a juvenile bald eagle, 4 ravens, a great egret, and a peregrine falcon. A white-throated sparrow and a great blue heron were at Stokes SF. Four barred owls were calling near Lake Ocquittunk.

8/10 Karyn Cichocki had an immature male scarlet tanager and an ovenbird in her yard. Her birdbath is heavily used by grackles and immature mourning doves.

8/3 Karyn Cichocki has flocks of young starlings poking around the gutters of her house. She had her first monarch butterfly of the year.

8/2 Montague: Marianne Ofenloch had a yellow warbler and a yellowthroat in her yard. At least 58 killdeer were at Brodhecker’s Farm in Baleville. Ring-billed gulls have returned to Culvers, Swartswood, and the SCMUA.

7/24 Three state-classified species of hawks have nested or attempted to nest in Wade & Sharon Wanders’ neighborhood in Fredon: red-shouldered hawk, Coopers hawk, and broad-winged hawk (shown).BWHA07242015

7/19 Jim Schlickenrieder had 5-6 least bitterns, 2 Virginia rails, and a kestrel along the tracks at the Vernon Crossing Rd marsh. Liberty Loop had a Virginia rail and 2 soras.

7/15 Tommy Sudol had 3 worm-eating warblers in his yard in Stillwater.

7/14 Tommy Sudol had a worm-eating warbler right outside his back door in Stillwater.

7/12 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had a hummingbird moth in her yard along with her first cicada of the year. She has at least 3 hummingbirds at her feeders. Also in the yard were towhee, warbling & red-eyed vireos, phoebe, and pewee.HumMoth

7/9 Montague: Marianne Ofenloch had scarlet tanager, Carolina wren, yellow warbler, cardinal, blue-winged warbler, parula warbler, and cowbird in her yard. A bobcat was in Walpack on Monday.

7/6 Around her neighborhood in Lafayette, Karyn Cichocki had rose-breasted grosbeak, red-eyed vireo, and a calling bobwhite. The house wrens in her yard are feeding their second brood of the season.

7/5 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had a fledgling red-tail, barn swallows, and a yellow-billed cuckoo around her neighborhood. An orchard oriole was on the wires just north of Winding Brook Farm on Rt 565.

7/3 Marianne Ofenloch had a least bittern at Hyper Humus along with song & swamp sparrows, tree, barn & rough-winged swallows. House wrens have fledged from a house in her yard.Juvie barn swallow (2)

7/3 Karyn Cichocki has a young great horned owl calling in her neighborhood. A yellow warbler and a family of house sparrows were at her birdbath. A meadow fritillary was in her yard.

6/30 Around her yard in Andover Debbi Bifulco has had brown thrasher, blue-gray gnatcatcher, titmice, downy & hairy woodpeckers, hummingbirds, and tree swallows. RTHU (2) GCFL (2)BRTH (2) BGGN (2) GRCA (2) HAWO (2)

6/29 Lafayette: Around her yard Karyn Cichocki had phoebe, bluebird, red-wings, grackles, cardinals, catbirds, mourning doves, chipping sparrow, hummingbirds, red-tailed hawks, and great horned owls. Banded hairstreak butterflies have been seen nearby.

6/28 Marianne Ofenloch had two chats at Canal Rd in Vernon.

6/25 Marianne Ofenloch had a chat and a golden-winged warbler in the area of Canal Rd in Vernon.


6/22 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had a great spangled fritillary in her yard. A green heron was seen flying over. Parson Rd in Hampton had many fritillaries and American ladies.GSFritillary062015

6/20 Sandy McPhail had a rose-breasted grosbeak at her sunflower feeder in Portland, PA. A pair of brown thrashers have been around the firehouse on Rt 46 in Delaware, NJ for a week.

6/20 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had swamp, chipping, & field sparrows, pewee, phoebe, warbling vireo, kingbird, house finch, downy woodpecker, catbird, and thrasher.

6/14 High Point SP: Marianne Ofenloch observed grackles feeding young. Also present were cowbirds and yellow-billed cuckoos.COGR062015

6/10 Vernon area: Heather Thoma had mute swans, Coopers hawk, goldfinch, rose-breasted grosbeak, indigo bunting, Baltimore oriole, and catbird.Swans062015 (640x480) COHA2015 (244x640)AMGO2015 GRCA2015 RBGR2015 BAOR2015 INBU2015

6/10 Hyper Humus: Marianne Ofenloch had sora, rough-winged swallows, marsh wrens, and swamp sparrows. Roy Rd in Wantage had kestrel and a red-tailed hawk being harassed by a kingbird.Barn swallow (2) EAKIRTHA062015

6/9 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had wood thrush, indogo bunting, red-eyed vireo, swamp sparrow, great crested flycatcher, brown thrasher, Carolina wren, goldfinches, mockingbird, and a few spring peepers.

6/7 Sussex County area: Marianne Ofenloch had 12 species of warblers including cerulean, worm-eating, and blackpoll. Also seen were woodcock, red-shouldered hawk, common nighthawk, and 3 Carolina wrens.

6/7 Mike Tracy had a pair of soras along the Sussex Branch Trail south of Hyper Humus.SORA06072015

6/7 High Point SP: Cheryl Fleishman had redstart, yellow-billed cuckoo, yellow warbler, common yellowthroat, scarlet tanager, eastern towhee, and cedar waxwing.CEDW060720156/6 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had a great crested flycatcher in her birdbath and a red-bellied woodpecker rapping on her gutter.

6/3 High Point SP: Marianne Ofenloch had grouse, black-billed cuckoo, Swainson’s thrush, northern waterthrush, Canada warblers, and a red fox.HighPoint062015

5/31 Sussex County area: Marianne Ofenloch had house & marsh wrens, Brewster’s, blue-winged, blackburnian, & black-throated green warblers, Acadian & willow flycatchers, and yellow-billed cuckoos.

YBCU062015BRWA062015MAWR062015BWWA (2)HOWR062015

5/29 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had bluebird, yellow-throated vireo, and thrasher at her birdbath. Other local birds included cedar waxwings, robins, and a Carolina wren.

5/27 Catfish Firetower area: Karyn Cichocki had a five-lined skink, yellow-billed cuckoo, prairie, black-and-white, hooded, blackburnian, black-throated green, worm-eating, & cerulean warblers, redstart, red-eyed & yellow-throated vireos, great-crested flycatcher, pewee, towhee, field sparrow, and pileated woodpecker.Skink05282015

5/27 Marianne Ofenloch’s bluebirds fledged from the house in her yard. A chestnut-sided warblers was also in the yard. High Point SP had cerulean warbler, alder flycatcher, green heron, cedar waxwings, chickadees, a Baltimore oriole, and a Louisiana waterthrush.

GRHE05272015 BAOR05272015 CEDW05272015 BCCH05272015 LOWA05272015

5/26 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had prairie warbler and willow flycatcher at the corner of Little & Statesville Quarry Rds. At home she had great-crested flycatcher, pewee, cedar waxwings, yellow warbler, & yellow-throated vireo.

5/24 Brian Hardiman had 3 glossy ibis on the Poxono Island mudflats.GLIB05242015

5/23 Brian Hardiman had a mourning warbler at Worthington SP and an olive-sided flycatcher near the Calno School on Old Mine Rd.

5/23 Fred Weber had a chat in the Flatbrook WMA by the big curve in the road. Another was in the Roy Tract of the Flatbrook-Roy WMA.

5/22 Kuser Natural Area: karyn Cichocki had black-and-white, prairie, blackburnian, Canada & yellow warblers, redstart, ovenbirds, veery, wood thrush, great-crested flycatcher, sapsucker, hairy woodpecker, yellow-throated & red-eyed vireos.

5/21 Sandy McPhail had nighthawks over the Delaware River near the Portland PA eagle nest. Three young eagles on the nest are growing larger.

5/21 Lafayette: Around her yard Karyn Cichocki has had bluebirds, cedar waxwings, brown thrasher, red-eyed and warbling vireos.

5/18 Wood Duck Trail: Karyn Cichocki had great-crested & willow flycatchers, pewee, phoebe, blue-winged & yellow warblers, yellowthroat, redstart, gnatcatcher, rose-breasted grosbeak, indigo bunting, thrasher, wood thrush, Baltimore oriole, field, swamp & song sparrows. Lafayette: great-crested flycatcher, yellowthroat, yellow-throated vireo, and bluebird.

5/17 Dennis Briede & Alan Boyd did a ‘Big Stay’ on Dennis’ deck facing the Kittatinny Ridge north of Blairstown. Seventy-two species were noted including red-headed woodpecker, common loon, black duck, bald eagle, both cuckoos, hummingbirds, willow flycatcher, thrashers, blue-winged, yellow, yellow-rumped, prairie, & blackpoll warblers, both waterthrushes, redstart, yellowthroat, scarlet tanager, rose-breasted grosbeak, indigo bunting, both orioles, and a pine siskin.

5/17 Karyn Cichocki led a walk at Whittingham WMA that had 29 species including parula & blue-winged warblers, Acadian flycatcher, yellow-billed cuckoo, pileated woodpecker, indigo bunting, and a possible Coopers hawk.

5/16 Blais Brancheau had a female hooded merganser and 6 chicks at Ferla’s Pond in Hardwick.

HOMEa05162015 HOMEb05162015

5/16 Tom Halliwell led a walk to Swartswood SP that had 15 species of warblers including mourning. Also seen were Philadelphia vireo, Acadian flycatcher, and a female hooded merganser.

5/14 Debbi Bifulco & Cathie Millington had 29 species at Hyper Humus including dunlin, least sandpipers, lesser yellowlegs, solitary sandpiper, black-billed cuckoo, willow flycatcher, kingbird, yellow warblers, and Baltimore orioles.

BBCU (3) DUNL (2) DUNL LESA (3) YEWA (3)

5/14 Eileen Mahler had a flyover male bobolink at Phil Hardin Rd in Fredon.

5/13 Marge Barrett & Joe Burgiel had an olive-sided flycatcher at Camp Olympia (Stokes SF) near the bridge over Big Flatbrook.

5/13 Marianne Ofenloch had two common loons on Culver Lake. A kestrel was being mobbed by swifts & swallows at Winding Brook Farm on Rt 565. A kingfisher was over the Flatbrook at the Blewett Tract.

5/12 Montague: Marianne Ofenloch had yellow-billed cuckoo, white-crowned sparrow, and bluebirds. Stokes SF had black-throated blue & worm-eating warblers, pewee, and Acadian flycatcher.

EABL05122015 WEWA05122015 SCTA052015 EAPH05122015

5/12 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had red-eyed vireo, great crested flycatcher, hooded warbler, wood thrush, and scarlet tanager.

5/10 Wantage: Marianne Ofenloch had bobolinks, Canada geese with young, chestnut-sided warbler, and indigo bunting.

INBU05102015 CANG05102015 CSWA05102015 BOBO05102015

5/10 Karyn Cichocki led a walk from Millbrook Village to Watergate that had 69 species including 15 species of warblers and both cuckoos.


5/8 Karyn and Don Cichocki participated in the banding of 2 bald eagle chicks at Little Swartswood Lake.

BAEAa05082015 BAEAb05082015 BAEAc05082015

5/8 Marianne Ofenloch had wood thrush and great-crested flycatcher in her yard in Montague. Blackburnian and magnolia warblers were on Struble Rd in Stokes. Walpack had common nighthawk, orchard oriole, and blue-winged warbler.

BLBW05082015 MAWA05082015

5/8 Karyn Cichocki had several white-crowned sparrows, a catbird, and a hummingbird in her yard in Lafayette.

5/8 Hyper Humus: Debbi Bifulco had 37 species including kingbird, savannah sparrow, pewee, yellow warblers, red-wings, a harrier, spotted, solitary, & least snadpipers, Baltimore orioles, and rose-breasted grosbeaks. Also a meadow fritillary butterfly.

YEWA (2) SASP (2) RWBB (2) MeadowFritillary (2) EAKI (2)

5/7 High Point SP: Marianne Ofenloch had wood thrush, veery, chestnut-sided warbler, common yellowthroat, and a pair of beavers.


5/5 Peter’s Valley area: Marianne Ofenloch had Brewster’s warbler, black-billed cuckoo, and goshawk among other sightings.

HOWA05052015 PRAW05052015 BWWA05052015 BRWA05052015 BAWW05052015

5/5 Karyn Cichocki had two male indigo buntings in her yard in Lafayette.

INBUb05052015 INBUa05052015

5/5 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had brown thrasher, pileated woodpecker, Baltimore oriole, phoebe, great-crested flycatcher, swamp & field sparrows, yellow-throated & red-eyed vireos, house & Carolina wrens, ovenbird, prairie, yellow & yellow-rumped warblers, and rose-breasted grosbeak.

5/4 Marianne Ofenloch had 56 goldfinches, an indigo bunting, and 2 house wrens in her yard in Montague. Old Mine Rd had blue-winged warbler, common yellowthroat, scarlet tanager, and veery.

AMGO05042015 INBU05042015

5/4 Stillwater: Tommy Sudol had 2 whip-poor-wills in his driveway in the moonlight.

5/4 Debbi Bifulco photographed a Cape May warbler at Allamuchy SP and a rose-breasted grosbeak at her feeder in Andover.

RBGR (2)CMWA (3)

5/4 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had brown thrasher, Baltimore oriole, chimney swifts, and a tiger swallowtail.

5/3 In her yard in Montague Marianne Ofenloch had Baltimore oriole, red-eyed vireo, and 2 adult white-crowned sparrows – one of which appears to be a Gambel’s. Liberty Loop had both yellowlegs, harrier, and a great-crested flycatcher.


5/3 Millbrook Village/Watergate: Tommy Sudol had chestnut-sided, cerulean, yellow, pine, hooded, prairie, & black-and-white warblers, hermit thrush, Baltimore oriole, least flycatcher, kingbird, warbling & yellow-throated vireos, gnatcatcher, house wren, and a singing winter wren. Walpack had orchard orioles, broad-winged hawk, parula & Nashille warblers. White-eyed vireo and scarlet tanager were in the Flatbrookville area.

5/1 At Hillside Park in Andover Debbi Bifulco had prairie warbler, yellow-throated vireo, tree swallows, and gnatcatchers. In her yard she had catbird, hummingbird, and purple finches.

BGGN (2) GRCA (2) RTHU (2) PRAW (2) TRES (2)

5/1 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had phoebe, ruby-crowned kinglet, kingbird, killdeer, prairie & yellow-rumped warblers, catbird, bluebird, swamp sparrow, and brown thrasher.

4/30 In her yard in Montague Marianne Ofenloch has had northern parula, hummingbird, rose-breasted grosbeak, prairie warbler, tree swallow, broad-winged hawk, siskins, juncos, and white-throats. Hainesville WMA had 5 great blue herons, eastern kingbird, and osprey. Stokes SF had black-throated green warbler, hermit thrush, Louisiana waterthrush, woodcock, and whip-poor-will.


4/30 Debbi Bifulco has 2 male hummingbirds in her yard in Andover. She also has purple finches, juncos, and white-throats.

RTHUb04302015 RTHU04302015

4/30 Sandy McPhail reports that the bald eagle nest at the Portland, PA has 3 young birds.


4/30 Sandy McPhail had a Baltimore oriole in her yard in Portland, PA along with lingering white-throated sparrows.

4/29 At the Watergate Recreation Area, Tommy Sudol had ovenbird, redstart, pine siskin, and junco. Whip-poor-wills were calling near his house in Stillwater that night. Pond Brook Rd Park in Stillwater had northern waterthrush, common yellowthroat, warbling vireo, and palm warbler. A male bobolink was off Fairview Lake Rd near Old Schoolhouse Rd and a great egret was flying over with 8 great blue herons.

4/29 Debbi Bifulco had a black-crowned night-heron and numerous yellow warblers at Hyper Humus.

YEWA04292015 BCNH04292015

4/29 Fred Weber had a red-necked grebe and 3 common loons on Culver Lake.

4/27 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had a thrasher and numerous tree swallows around her yard. Snover Rd had a female kestrel and barn swallows.

4/25 Debbi Bifulco had a hummingbird at her feeder in Andover, the earliest record for her at that location by four days. Purple finches and pine siskins also continue at her feeders.

4/23 Tommy Sudol had a warbling vireo and a yellow warbler at Pond Brook Park in Stillwater.

4/23 Sandy McPhail had her first hummingbird of the year at her feeder in Portland, PA.


4/22 Tommy Sudol had black-throated green and black-and-white warblers in his yard in Stillwater.

4/22 Marianne Ofenloch had ospreys at Culver Lake, Hainesville WMA, and a lake in Montague.

4/22 Karyn Cichocki has many goldfinches at her feeders although most of the juncos and white-throats have left. A brown thrasher continues to sing in her yard. A female kestrel was on Snover Rd in Lafayette.

4/22 In his yard in Stillwater Tommy Sudol had pine warbler, purple finch, blue-headed vireo, red-breasted nuthatch, ravens, yellow-rumped warblers, and a flyover fish crow.

4/21 Debbi Bifulco has at least 20 purple finches at her feeders in Andover. Spring azure butterflies have been in her yard.

4/20 Karyn Cichocki had singing brown thrasher, ruby-crowned kinglet, and house wren in her yard in Lafayette.


4/19 Marianne Ofenloch had blue-winged teal, a northern parula, and a red-shouldered hawk at the Hainesville WMA. A brown creeper, a broad-winged hawk, a pine warbler were at Stokes SF along with Louisiana waterthrush and blue-headed vireo. Pine siskins continue at her feeder and red-shouldered hawk and nesting bluebirds are in her yard.

4/18 A friend of Sandy McPhail’s on Perona Rd in Andover has had purple martins return to her houses.

4/18 Glenn Mahler heard a Louisiana waterthrush singing near his house in Stillwater.

4/18 Sandy McPhail had a ruby-crowned kinglet and a house wren singing in her yard in Portland, PA. A catbird was singing in her neighbor’s yard and rough-winged swallows were flying overhead. Three meadowlarks were singing on Phil Hardin Rd in Fredon.

4/17 Karyn Cichocki had a house wren near the Victoria Diner in Branchville.

4/17 Steve Fitzsimmon had a hummingbird at his feeder in Byram.

4/15 Debbi Bifulco had a Louisiana waterthrush at KVSP along with a pair of bluebirds, 2 flickers, and a golden-crowned kinglet. She has had more than 25 purple finches at her feeders including one eating suet.

4/14 Karyn Cichocki had a singing field sparrow on Halsey Rd in Hampton Twp.

4/14 Marianne Ofenloch had pine warblers, a savannah sparrow, and some territorial mallards in the Walpack area. A male towhee was in her yard in Montague.

MALL04142015 PIWA04142015 SAVS04142015

4/14 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had a male towhee and several chipping sparrows in her yard. A turkey was in the cornfield next door.

4/13 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had a male towhee, purple finches, chipping sparrows, and goldfinches at her feeders.

PUFI04132015 EATO04132015

4/13 Bethany Juckett reports that the painted bunting is still coming to her feeder in Andover.

4/13 Wade & Sharon Wander had at least 28 purple finches at their feeders in Fredon. A red-shouldered hawk is incubating on a nest in the woods behind their house.

4/12 Don & Donna Traylor had pine siskins at their feeder in Frankford Twp. A kingfisher and an American bittern were in the stream behind their house. A red-shouldered hawk and ruby-crowned kinglets were calling.

4/12 Swartswood Lake: Marianne Ofenloch had 37 common loons, 83 double-crested cormorants, horned, pied-billed, & red-necked grebes, 2 bald eagles, Bonaparte’s gulls, and an osprey catching a fish.

BOGU04122015 OSPR04122015

4/12 Andover: At her feeders Debbi Bifulco had pine siskins, purple finches, goldfinches, and house finches. A medium-sized accipiter failed to catch a mourning dove in her yard. Crows, titmice, and chickadees were doing courtship rituals.

PUFI04122015 PISI04122015

4/11 Sandy McPhail reports that the 1 bald eagle nest and 5 osprey nests at the Portland Generating Station in PA are all occupied. The eagles have been feeding young since 4/4. Halsey Lake in Knowlton had an osprey, 2 great egrets, 2 great blue herons, 3 common loons, tree swallows, double-crested cormorants, pied-billed grebe, wood ducks, black ducks, common mergs, buffleheads, mallards, ring-necked ducks, and 3 phoebes. Her feeders in Portland have been taken over by grackles, cowbirds, red-wings, starlings, and house finches.

GREG04112015 OSPR04112015 BAEA04112015

4/11 Karyn Cichocki had a male purple finch in her yard along with white-throated sparrows and goldfinches.

4/8 Marianne Ofenloch had 3 red-necked grebes in Montague, 1 on Kittatinny Lake, and 4 on Swartswood Lake. All three lakes had common loons including a group of 31 on Swartswood that also had a red-throated loon. Also seen were tree & rough-winged swallows, purple finches, goldfinches, and siskins.


4/8 Scott Rando reports that most of the bald eagles on the lower portion of the upper Delaware River have started to incubate, an average of 2 weeks late due to a cold spring and prolonged ice cover. Wood frogs have begun calling.

4/8 Debbi Bifulco had a pair of fox sparrows at KVSP along with two pairs of wood ducks.


4/7 In her yard in Andover, Debbi Bifulco has had red-bellied woodpecker, cowbird, a purple finch, and robins.

PUFI04072015 BHCO04072015 RBWO04072015

4/6 Around her property in Montague Marianne Ofenloch has had juncos, white-throats, pine siskins, fox sparrow, phoebe, chipping sparrow, purple finch, field sparrow, brown thrasher, ruby-crowned kinglet, bluebirds, goldfinches, sharp-shinned hawk, and screech owl,

4/6 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had golden-crowned kinglet and fox sparrow singing in her yard.

4/6 Don & Donna Traylor have 3 siskins and 9 purple finches at their feeders in Frankford. Eight wood ducks have been in the stream by their house and one female has visited a nest box.

4/4 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had a number of birds around her neighborhood including robins, cardinals, red-winged blackbirds, white-throats, titmice, chickadees, red-bellied and downy woodpeckers, juncos, bluebirds, a phoebe, and a chipping sparrow.

4/2 Kathleen Ashman had 5 glossy ibis in the NJ section of Liberty Loop.

4/2 Bethany Juckett reports that the painted bunting is still present in Andover and was singing from the top of a tree.

4/2 Don & Donna Traylor have 3 pine siskins coming to their feeders and they heard woodcock and killdeer calling along with spring peepers. A golden-crowned kinglet was in their yard.

4/2 Karyn Cichocki heard a great horned owl calling from her yard along with killdeer, wood frogs, and spring peepers. Also around the neighborhood were cowbirds, ring-necked ducks, and a tree swallow. Hyper Humus had buffleheads, hooded & common mergs, wood ducks, pied-billed grebes, gadwall, ring-necked ducks, and killdeer. A flock of about 2000 red-wings and grackles were along Warbasse Junction Rd.

4/2 Cathy Millington has 2 pine siskins, a turkey, and a phoebe in her yard.

4/1 Tom Halliwell had 4 American pipits along Ervey Rd with about 2 dozen killdeer. Three rusty blackbirds were along the Sussex Branch Trail near White Pond in KVSP. Three phoebes were along the gravel road leading from the Forest Fire Service building to Gardner’s Pond.

3/31 Sandy McPhail heard woodcock peenting on Dickerson Rd near the Sussex County Fairgrounds.

3/30 Fred Weber had the continuing Ross’s goose on the Pequest River near the Kennedy Rd bridge in Green Twp.

3/30 Liberty Loop: Tommy Sudol had 4 blue-winged teal, 6 pipits, 3 shovelers, 1 snipe, many green-winged teal, pintails, American wigeon, ring-necked ducks, black ducks, and mallards.

3/29 Dennis Briede & Alan Boyd did a ‘Big Stay’ on Dennis’ deck facing the Kittatinny Ridge north of Blairstown. Forty-one species were noted including 1 bald eagle, 1 red-shouldered hawk, 1 harrier, 1 sharpie, 2 woodcock, 1 screech owl, 11 pine siskins, 5 tree sparrows, 1 fox sparrow, and 1 phoebe.

FOSP03292015 (640x436)

3/29 Karyn Cichocki had a fox sparrow at her feeder in Lafayette. A large bat was flying over Rt 206 in Sandyston at dusk.

3/28 Wade & Sharon Wander photographed the Ross’s goose on Ervey Rd in Allamuchy.


3/28 Glenn & Eileen Mahler had the continuing Ross’s goose on Ervey Rd in Allamuchy. The snow goose flock moves around and was seen earlier near the intersection of Whitehall & Airport Rds in Green Twp.

3/28 Ken Witkowski led a field trip around Liberty Loop in the Wallkill River NWR. Species seen included 3 peregrine falcons, 11 tundra swans, 500 pintails, 750 ring-necked ducks, 750 green-winged teal, 1 canvasback, 4 harriers, 3 Wilson’s snipe, some mallards, black ducks, wood ducks, American wigeon, and blue-winged teal.

3/27 Kevin Cronin & Marianne Ofenloch had the Ross’s goose on Ervey Rd in Allamuchy.


3/24 Sandy McPhail noted that the osprey has returned to the nest on Linnaberry Rd in Knowlton. This nest can be viewed from Rt 80 near MM 6.5. Columbia Lake had thousands of Canada geese. Also pintails, green-winged teal, greater scaup, common goldeneye, hooded & common mergansers, buffleheads, and mute swans.


3/24 In the Montague area Marianne Ofenloch had 7 bald eagles, a cackling goose, and a pair of American wigeon. A barred owl was calling at Paulinskill Lake, 2 drake canvasbacks continue at Limecrest, and a flock of Canada geese at Ross’ Corner contained 4 snow geese.


3/24 Wade & Sharon Wander have a pair of red-shouldered hawks nesting in their yard for the third consecutive year.


3/24 Joe Zurovchak had a cackling goose at Creek Rd in Green Twp along with 20 pairs of wood ducks and several hooded mergansers.

3/23 Karyn Cichocki had ring-necked ducks on a pond on Beaver Run Rd and on the pond at Little & Statesville Quarry Rds in Lafayette. A kestrel was on the wires at Meadows & Beaver Run Rd, and a pintail and a snipe were on Roy Rd. Seven snow geese were with Canadas on Decker Rd in Augusta along with 3 red-tails. Two female kestrels were on the wires at Winding Brook Farm on Rt 565 north of Ross’s Corner.

3/23 Karyn Cichocki had 4 chipping sparrow and a goldfinch at her feeders in Lafayette.

3/23 Tommy Sudol had 6 or 7 tundra swans at the upper end of Paulinskill Lake along with ring-necked ducks, wood ducks, hooded & common mergansers, and a pied-billed grebe.

3/22 Dennis Briede & Alan Boyd had 2 greater white-fronted geese among a flock of Canadas at Columbia Lake. An osprey was on a nest at the Portland PA power station. The Delaware River in Harmony had a phoebe. Garrison Rd in Harmony had 9 meadowlarks, 2 kestrels, and several horned larks and fox sparrows. At the Belvidere bridge there were tree swallows, 2 red-breasted mergansers, 6 redhead ducks, and a horned grebe.

3/22 Marge Barrett and Joe Burgiel had a dozen wood ducks at the pond between the Waterwheel Farm lower barn and the center of Stillwater on Cedar Ridge Rd. A Wilson’s snipe was at the marsh across Parson Rd from the north end of Paulinskill Lake.

3/22 Karyn Cichocki had snow geese with Canadas across Rt 15 from Ideal Farms in Augusta.

3/21 Dennis Briede had a merlin at the corner of Shades of Death & Long Bridge Rds in Allamuchy. Five meadowlarks were on Long Bridge near the intersection with Gibbs Rd, and further up Long Bridge there were killdeer and horned larks.

3/19 Russ Edwards had 3 pairs of hooded mergansers on Mt Laurel Lake in Hewitt. Flocks of grackles and red-wings were around the Upper Greenwood Lake area.

3/19 Karyn Cichocki had a large flock or red-wings and grackles near her house in Lafayette.


3/19 Marianne Ofenloch had a snow goose with hundreds of Canadas at Brodhecker Farm in Hampton. Eighteen killdeer were in a field along the Paulinskill River and 27 wood ducks were in the flooded grass along Paulinskill Lake. A kestrel was hunting along Fairview Hill Rd in Fredon and 5 redheads were in a pond on 521 in Stillwater.


3/18 Liberty Loop: Ken Witkowski had thousands of Canada geese, flyover snow geese, a few hundred pintails, some mallards, black ducks, green-winged teal, American wigeon, ring-necked ducks, and 4 tundra swans. A light-phase rough-leg is also still in the area.

3/18 Lafayette: Barb Sendelbach has a pair of bluebirds in a box in her yard. Also, 7 pine siskins, 1 tree sparrow, almost 5 dozen juncos, and a pair of nesting crows. Two ravens have been calling where they have nested in previous years near the Christmas Tree Farm.

EABL03182015 PISI03182015

3/18 Glenwood: Maria Loukeris had a fox sparrow and a leucistic cedar waxwing in her yard.


3/17 From Marianne Ofenloch: Shimers Brook in Montague had 3 canvasbacks and a young bald eagle. An osprey was at the outflow of White’s Pond at KVSP along with a great blue heron, ring-necked ducks, and hooded mergansers. Paulinskill Lake had 70 common mergansers, 4 wood ducks, and 74 ring-necked ducks. Liberty Loop had mallards, black ducks, Canada geese, pintails, wood ducks, snow geese, green-winged teal, a rough-legged hawk, a harrier, and a red-tail.

3/17 Halsey Rd, Hampton: Karyn Cichocki had a large flock of blackbirds, a killdeer, and flocks of robins. Hyper Humus also had big blackbird flocks.

3/17 Donna Traylor had a female purple finch and a fox sparrow at her feeder in Frankford.

3/16 Karyn Cichocki had 20 ring-necked ducks, a canvasback, and a common merganser at the Little Rd/Statesville Quarry Rd pond in Lafayette. Hyper Humus had pintails, ring-necked ducks, wood ducks, black ducks, mute swans, and common mergansers.

3/16 Tommy Sudol had a drake canvasback with ring-necked ducks at the Little Rd/Statesville Quarry Rd pond in Lafayette.

3/16 Dennis Briede had two woodcock peenting behind his house in Blairstown.

3/16 Donna Traylor has at least 11 pine siskins still coming to her feeder in Frankford.

3/14 Karyn Cichocki had 30 ring-necked ducks on a pond at the corner of Little and Statesville Quarry Rds in Lafayette.

3/13 In the Walpack area Marianne Ofenloch had 2 pairs of purple finches with the males singing. The Delaware River had 5 pairs of wood ducks and a male red-breasted merganser, with the merg being pursued upstream by a young bald eagle.

3/13 Karyn Cichcoki had 6 male ring-necked ducks on a farm pond at the corner of Little and Statesville Quarry Rds in Lafayette. A number of red-wings, cowbirds, and grackles were in her yard. Male cardinals and downy woodpeckers are showing territorial behavior.


3/12 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had a pine siskin, several red-winged blackbirds, and a chipmunk in her yard.

3/11 Karyn Cichocki had red-wings and a grackle at her feeder. At Limecrest she had 3 canvasbacks and 3 coots.

3/10 Karyn Cichocki heard a killdeer over the Bed, Bath and Beyond in Newton.

3/10 Marianne Ofenloch had 10 killdeer on Plains Rd, 15 white-crowned sparrows at Roy Rd, and a turkey vulture eating dead pheasants at the Flatbrook-Roy WMA.

KILL03102015 WCSP03102015 TUVU03102015

3/10 Bethany Juckett reports that the painted bunting is still present at her feeders in Andover for the 38th straight day.

3/10 Sandy McPhail had a flock of redpolls in the trees on Roy Ace Rd behind the firehouse on Rt 46 in Knowlton. A killdeer was flying by overhead.

3/9 Karyn Cichocki had two tree sparrows and a Carolina wren in her yard in Lafayette. About 20 robins were feeding along Rt 565 south of the town of Sussex.

3/9 Fred Weber had 6 white-crowned sparrows at the intersection of Plains and Meyer Rds in Frankford Twp.

3/8 Delaware Valley area: Jack Padalino led a search for eagles that produced 44 species including 24 bald eagles and 2 golden eagles. Other highlights included long-tailed duck, red-breasted merganser, 10 red-tailed hawks, American kestrel, raven, fox sparrow, and pine siskin.

3/8 Tommy Sudol and others had the continuing painted bunting in Andover.

3/8 Columbia/Portland footbridge, Warren Co.: Dennis Briede had 10 species of ducks including 1 pintail, 2 white-winged scoters, 11 wood ducks, 1 greater scaup, buffleheads, common goldeneye, and a bald eagle. Further downstream were hooded mergansers and 4 redheads. Lake Susquehanna had 2 American wigeon and 2 killdeer.

3/7 Marianne Ofenloch had a house finch at her feeder and a lesser black-backed gull at the SCMUA. At the intersection of Limecrest Rd and CR648 there were 4 coots and a drake canvasback. Also at Limecrest were over 1000 blackbirds including red-wings, grackles, rustys, and a cowbird.


3/7 Karyn Cichocki had a tree sparrow and a common grackle at her feeders in Lafayette. Juncos were singing in her yard.

3/6 Cathy Millington photographed common redpolls at her feeder.


3/5 At her feeders in Lafayette Barb Sendelbach has had 2 common redpolls, 21 pine siskins, a song sparrow, white-throated sparrows, 3 tree sparrows, titmice, cardinals, house finches, juncos, and goldfinches.

CORE03052015 ATSP03052015 PISIa03052015 AMGO03052015

3/2 Marianne Ofenloch photographed a bald eagle attempting to catch a red-breasted merganser near Milford Beach in the DWGNRA. Other birds in the area included 5 other bald eagles, 2 ravens, 2 hermit thrushes, and a red-shouldered hawk.

BAEAb03022015 BAEAa03022015 RBMEb03022015 RBMEa03022015 RSHA03022015

3/2 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had up to 20 house finches in her yard along with a common grackle. A drake hooded merganser and several coots were in open water at the intersection of Limecrest Rd and CR 648 in Sparta.

3/1 Karyn Cichocki saw 2 adult bald eagles at the nest in Hyper Humus and 2 immature birds nearby. Three black ducks were in a wet area along the Sussex Branch Trail. A large bird carcass near Snover road had vultures and red-tailed hawks feeding on it.

3/1 Dennis Briede and Alan Boyd had the continuing painted bunting in Andover.

PABUc03012015 PABUa03012015

2/28 Sandy McPhail had 5-6 pine siskins at her feeders in Portland, PA.

2/27 Karyn Cichocki had a group of bluebirds at her bird bath in Lafayette.


2/26 At the junction of Limecrest Rd and CR 648 in Sparta Mike Tracy had pintail, canvasback, coot, ring-necked duck, hooded merganser, harrier, and great blue heron.


2/25 Fred Weber had an immature Iceland gull and lesser black-backed gulls at the landfill in Lafayette. On Shades of Death Rd in Allamuchy he had 2 Lapland longspurs, 5 snow buntings, and about 100 horned larks on a manured field.

2/24 Marianne Ofenloch had a snow bunting with horned larks near the intersection of Sally Hardin and Beemer Rds in Wantage. A bald eagle was feeding on a dead Canada goose along Rt 565.


2/22 Tommy Sudol had the painted bunting in Andover at 3:30 p.m.

2/21 Bob Templin reports that the painted bunting is still present as of 1 p.m. (Photo by Bethany Juckett).


2/20 Marianne Ofenloch had a common redpoll at her feeder in Montague.


2/19 Liberty Loop: Mike Gannon had both dark and light morph rough-legged hawks and a short-eared owl with prey. On the NY side were a red fox and a coyote.

2/18 Maria Loukeris had 6 pine siskins and a hairy woodpecker at her feeders in Glenwood.

HAWO02182015 PISI02182015

2/17 Walpack: Marianne Ofenloch had red-shouldered hawk, bluebird, cedar waxwings, and a hermit thrush.

HETH02172015 CEDW02172015 RSHA02172015 EABL02172015

2/14 Bill Warren had a Cooper’s hawk visit his yard during the Great Backyard Bird Count.


2/13 Donna & Don Traylor had a short-eared owl in the NJ section of Liberty Loop. Birds around their Frankford yard included 30+ siskins, 50 goldfinches, 15 common redpolls, 6 species of woodpeckers, 20 turkeys, a sharp-shinned hawk, and 2 great horned owls.

2/11 Marianne Ofenloch had a glaucous gull at the Sussex landfill in Lafayette. She had a rough-legged hawk off Lake Wallkill Rd in the Wallkill Refuge and 4 short-eared owls in the NJ section of Liberty Loop.

2/10 Don and Donna Traylor had the painted bunting in Andover.

2/8 Delaware Valley area: Jack Padalino led a search for eagles that produced 26 species including 12 bald eagles. Also seen were common merganser, wild turkey, pileated woodpecker, common raven, and field sparrow.

2/8 Sandy McPhail photographed the continuing painted bunting in Andover.


2/8 Donna Traylor had 30+ siskins and 50 goldfinches at her feeders in Frankford Twp. A pileated woodpecker was also in the yard.

2/6 Roger Johnson had a Lapland longspur with horned larks on Davis Rd in Frankford Tp, near the intersection with Plains Rd. He also had the painted bunting in Andover.

2/5 Glenn Mahler had 16 horned larks at the corner of Phil Hardin & Fredonia Rds in Fredon.

2/5 Marianne Ofenloch photographed the painted bunting in Andover.


2/5 Mike Tracy photographed a sapsucker at his feeder in Newton.


2/4 Donna Traylor had about 50 horned larks on Davis Rd near the intersection with Plains Rd in Frankford Twp.

2/4 A male painted bunting is visiting a feeder in Andover. Photo by Kevin Cronin.


2/4 Lafayette: Karyn Cichocki had song and chipping sparrows at her feeder. A pair of great horned owls were calling behind her house.

1/31 On Beemer Rd in Wantage, Don and Donna Traylor had 10 tree sparrows and numerous white-crowned sparrows. In their yard in Frankford they had 15+ white-throated sparrows, 50+ juncos, 2 tree sparrows, 1 song sparrow, 4 downy woodpeckers, 2 red-bellied woodpeckers, a sapsucker, 21 goldfinches, 2 blue jays, 5 cardinals, 10 turkeys, 10 mourning doves, 1 Carolina wren, and 1 house finch.

1/26 In her yard in Montague Marianne Ofenloch had 38 juncos, 2 tree sparrows, 2 song sparrows, a pileated woodpecker, and a juvenile Cooper’s hawk.

1/22 Kevin Cronin photographed the continuing greater white-fronted goose at Lake Tranquility.


1/22 Montague: In her yard Marianne Ofenloch had 11 chickadees, 2 pine siskins, and a sharp-shinned hawk. Two great horned owls and 5 short-eared owls were at Liberty Loop. The large flock of snow geese continues at Lake Tranquility.

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1/21 Glenn Mahler had at least 8 pine siskins at his feeder in Stillwater.

1/21 Lafayette: At her feeders Barb Sendelbach had 4 pine siskins, downy & hairy woodpeckers, and yellow-bellied sapsucker.

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1/15 Sussex County landfill: Fred Weber reported 4 Iceland gulls and 2 glaucous gulls. At Liberty Loop he had 3 short-eared owls, 3 harriers, and a great horned owl. Another birder saw a rough-legged hawk there. Photos by Marianne Ofenloch.

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1/10 Kevin Cronin had a greater white-fronted goose at Lake Tranquility.


1/7 Marianne Ofenloch had a cackling goose at the Homestead pond in Frankford Twp.

1/7 Don & Donna Traylor had 4 downy woodpeckers, 2 red-bellied woodpeckers, a sapsucker, a flicker, a tree sparrow, many white-throated sparrows, and many juncos in their yard in Frankford.

1/4 Karyn Cichocki and Marianne Ofenloch had 5 red-breasted nuthatches on Struble Rd near the point where the road to Tillman’s Ravine is closed off. Also present were 3 hermit thrushes and 2 sapsuckers.

1/2 Kittatinny Valley SP: Tom Halliwell photographed a barred owl. Other birds seen in the park included sharp-shinned & Cooper’s hawks, and pileated woodpecker.


1/2 Marianne Ofenloch had 3 drake canvasbacks on Culver Lake.

1/1 Swartswood Lake: Glenn Mahler had 12 species of waterfowl including 40 gadwall, 2 American wigeon, 18 bufflehead, 8 common goldeneye, 56 hooded mergansers, and a pied-billed grebe.

1/1 Tom Halliwell had an eastern phoebe south of thee spring flow along the Lake Iliff Trail in Andover’s Hillside Park. He had a second phoebe about one quarter mile further north along the trail on the lake shore. Other birds in the area included a winter wren, many bluebirds, and 100-200 sparrows in a mixed flock. He had 2 ravens at the Byram Shop-Rite later.

1/1 Don and Donna Traylor had common mergansers, hooded mergansers, and coots at Culver Lake. A pine siskin was in a flock of juncos on East Shore Rd. At Swartswood Lake they had ring-necked ducks, American wigeon, buffleheads, and a pied-billed grebe. Two great horned owls were calling at their house in Frankford Twp.