Sightings 2018

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4/16 Mike Gannon had a group of 6 or 7 Palm Warblers along the creek near his home in Augusta. Also nearby was a Mink.

4/15 John Fuller had several Kestrels at Owens Station road, Quarry Road and Rot Road.  Liberty loop had 3 harriers and a pair of Shovelers.  He had 3 Common Loons at Culvers Lake and a lone Herring Gull at Sunrise Mtn.  The Swartzwood Bald Eagle pair were feeding 2 chicks and he had an Osprey at Parsons Rd.

4/15 (Swartzwood Lake) Tommy Sudol had a Red-throated Loon and a male Red-breasted Merganser in the middle of the lake during late morning.

4/14 Deborah Bifulco had Eastern Bluebirds in the nest box in her yard as well as a Brown Thrasher, Chipping Sparrow, and a few Juncos and White-throated Sparrows.

4/13 Marianne Ofenloch had some Common Loons, Tree Swallows Bonaparte’s Gulls, and some Horned Grebes at Culvers Lake.  There was also a Mourning Cloak butterfly by the causeway bridge.  In her yard, she had some Eastern Pheobes, and in the afternoon, some Red-tailed, Coopers and Broad-winged Hawks, as well as an adult Peregrine Falcon.

4/13 Karyn Cichoki had some Goldfinches and White-throated Sparrows, both in breeding plumage.  She also has a Eastern Bluebird and a Chipping Sparrow.

4/13 Carl Mugavero had a white American Robin with black spots for the 2nd year in a row.

4 11 Tommy Sudol had an interesting bird near the bird blind at Swartswood Duck Pond Wednesday morning around 8:30. It resembled a Swamp Sparrow but had a black face. A winter Wren was also in the area.

4/10 Mike Gannon had a Female Northern Harrier over the marshy fields near his house in Augusta.

4/9 Karyn Cichoki had some Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned Kinglets as well as some Palm and Pine Warblers.  She also had many Pheobes, a Red-shouldered Hawk, and a Louisiana Waterthrush.  Ducks included Buffleheads, Ping-necked Ducks and Green-winged Teal.

4/8 Marianne Ofenloch had a Hermit Thrush in her yard, and 2 days back she had 97 Common Loons and 6 Horned Grebes on Culvers Lake.

4/8 (Lake Mohawk) Connie had 25 Common Mergansers, two Hooded Mergs, 12 Buffleheads, four Ring-necked Ducks, 8 Double Crested Cormorants and 1 horned Grebe.  Also an immature Bald Eagle flew over.  ALso, by the Boardwalk  there were  11 Common Loons, many Buffleheads and Ringnecks and DC Cormorants.    At West Shore Trail down to just before Oakwood Trail.  There is a little boat dock for the club there.  From that spot there were five Horned Grebes, at least 25 Buffleheads and as many Ring-necked ducks and two Mallards.  By the  Upper Lake there were about 45 Ruddy Ducks on Upper Lake and some Canada Geese.

4/8 (Culvers Lake) Fred Weber had 110 Common Loons, 57 Horned Grebes, 5 Long-tailed Ducks, about 100 Buffleheads, & 8 Bonaparte’e Gulls.

4/7 (Swartswood Lake) Joe Zurovchak and Wade Wander had 1 breeding plumaged drake Long-tailed Duck, 12 Shovelers, about a dozen Common Loons, 4 Red-throated Loons, more than 125 Buffleheads, and more than 50 Horned Grebes (many in breeding plumage). And along the Duck Pond trail they saw 2 Hermit Thrushes, a Winter Wren, dozens of kinglets (mostly Golden-crowned), Ring-necked Ducks, Buffleheads, Green-winged Teal, and Wood Ducks.

4/7 (Hyper Humus) Matt Skalla had 8 Horned Grebes at  as well as 7 Rusty Blackbirds.

4/5 Mike Tracy had a large amount of Golden-crowned and some Ruby-crowned Kinglets  at Duck Pond at Swartzwood State Park.  He also saw some Palm Warblers, Yellow-rumped Warblers, and a Pheobe.  He had a Waterthrush, but couldn’t tell which one.4845w

4/4 (Culvers Lake) Fred Weber had 16 Bonapart’s Gulls, 10 Common Loons, 2 Red-throated Loons, 20 Lesser Scaup, about 50 Buffleheads, a few Common Mergansers & a female Common Goldeneye.  From the west shore access point, the white head of the Bald Eagle was visible on the nest looking across the lake.

4/2 Karyn Cichoki had a Mature Bald Eagle over Lake Swannanoa, Berkshire Valley Rd in Jefferson

4/2 Mike Gannon had 8 Green Winged Teal on a small pond near his house.

3/31 Karyn Cickoki had a lot of White-throated Sparrows as well as Robins in the yard.  She also had a Fox Sparrow and another flock of Cedar Waxwings.  She reports that Spring Peepers And Wood Frogs have been calling from the nearby wetland.

3/29 Fred Weber had a Red-breasted Nuthatch this afternoon in the conifers at the far end of the lower sites at Shotwell Campground in Stokes State Forest.

3/28 Russ Edwards had 2 pair of Greater Scaup, three pair of Common Mergansers,  and 12 m/f Ring-neck Ducks and  Bufflehead on the southern end of Upper Greenwood Lake.  Earlier in the month, he had Hooded Mergansers.

3/26 Chris Reiser had a flock of Cedar Waxwings perched in as tree.IMG_0356

3/22 Mike Tracy had a Horned Grebe near the boat Rental area of Swartswood Lake.3716w


3/22 Deborah Bifulco had a single Fox Sparrow finally showed up at her feeders, her first sighting of this species over the winter.  There were also several Song Sparrows and at least one Tree Sparrow.  She had Robins visiting the heated bird bath.  Groups of 20-30 grackles/blackbirds/cowbirds, and many juncos and White-Throated Sparrows visited.


3/22 Bill & Connie Warren had a Red-shouldered Hawk around their feeders.RSHawk

3/22 Deborah Bifulco had an assortment of birds at the feeder before the storm, and she photographed some from her blind.

3/19 (Hyper Humus) Karyn Cichoki had over 12 pair of Wood Ducks and 10 Common Mergansers and a lard flock of Ring-billed Gulls as well as a few Herring Gulls, all in Pond 1.  In pPond 2, there were Black Ducks, Gadwalls and a  Coot.  Also, Liz McKnight & Keith Todd had Green-winged Teals on the back pond and a Great Black-backed Gull on Pond 1

3/19 Mike Tracy had a Red-shouldered Hawk hunting the edges of the pond, and he also saw a Phoebe.

3/16 Karyn Cichoki had a large flock of Robins foraging on the  front lawn.  Some Robins were also joined at the bird bath by about 10 Cedar Waxwings.  A female Hairy Woodpecker showed up at the suet feeder after being absent for about a week.

3/14 (Hyper Humus) Mike Tracy had Green-winged Teal, Ring-necked and Wood Duck ,American Wigeon , Juvenile Bald Eagle and both Kinglets near mile marker 1 off Hicks Ave.

3/13 Sharon Dobrina had 2Bald Eagles feeding on carrion.  The location was about 1/8 mile from the T at the end of 517 in Andover/Tranquility.  The next day, she saw one of the Bald Eagles in the same location.

3/10 Karyn Cichoki’s husband, Don spotted an adult bald eagle swoop down and back into the air over a neighbors property which had a lot of miniature goats on it.  .

There are several pairs of Ring-necked ducks on the pond in Lafayette.

She had a large bear visit the back yard during the night.  It got through the dear fencing and took down the peanut feeder before she could get the lights on and shoo it away.  It went into our neighbor’s yard and she could hear the deer snorting at it. She is taking the feeders down..

3/8 Dave Spangenburg had two first cycle Iceland gulls and a second cycle lesser black-backed gull at SCMUA.

3/7 Karyn Cichoki had a huge flock 50+ Grackles with a few Red-wing Blackbirds mixed in.  It was a real feeding frenzy.  She also had a Song Sparrow under the feeder as well.  She only gets them in the yard in the spring and fall.

3/5 Karyn Cichoki had a male Bluebird, Robins and Redwings in the yard the last couple of days.  At  Culvers, she had Buffleheads, Ring-necked, Common Mergansers and Common Goldeneye.  Various other ponds and lakes also had Buffleheads, Ring-necks and Common Mergansers.

3/1 (Orange County Airport) Scott Rando had 3 Bald Eagles fly south over the Wallkill River just to the west of the airport.  The first 2 were adults, but the 3rd one was a 2 year old immature which flew lower and closer, right over runway 3/21, perhaps 50’ above the runway.  All 3 passed within 5 minutes of each other.

2/28 Marianne Ofenloch had a Bobcat dragging a Raccoon across NPS 615 near Mountain Rd.  She also had a male Ruffled Grouse near the Blewett Tract and 2 Eastern Meadowlarks near Ennis Rd.

2/27 (Hyper Humus) Karyn Cichoki had lots of Ring-neck Ducks & Gadwalls along with a few pairs of American Wigeon, Blacks and one pair of Hooded Mergansers as well as some Ring-billed and Herring Gulls.

Other birds of interest included Golden-crowned Kinglet & Tree Sparrows, several male Redwings and 1 Robin.  She also observed 2 muskrats playing in the reeds.

2/26 (Hyper Humus) Tommy Sudol had 14 Tundra Swans circle above and then land about 200 feet out on the first Hyper Humus pond. They were very vocal and slowly moved over to the far side of the pond near the other waterfowl.

2/25 Russ Edwards observed that buffleheads are back in numbers, along with 3 pair of hooded merganser on upper Greenwood Lake with clearing ice.

2/25 (Liberty Loop) Allison Orsi had a Northern Flicker by Owens Stationj Rd, and then near the marsh, a Belted Kingfisher.  At the first lake on the left in Liberty Marsh, she had about 40-50 Ring Necked Duck, 4 American Wigeons, and 3 Mute Swans, then 3 Northern Pintail flying, several Mallard, and a Northern Harrier.   Along the loop, she had a Bufflehead, and nearer to Oil City Road, she heard 2 Wood Ducks.

2/23 Chris Reiser had a flock of Snow geese behind Near Tire King in Sussex.  (Tire King is behind the Acme on Rte 23 in Sussex on Lower Unionville Rd.)IMG_0304

2/23 Allison Orsi had at least 3 pair of Hooded Mergansers on her pond; they were diving, preening and napping.  Her kids got a good look through a scope.

2/21 Karyn Kichoki heard a Killdeer calling  at the main Sussex Library, Morris Turnpike in Branchville.  It was the first of the year for her.

2/20 Karyn Cichoki had  a male Redwing Blackbird on Sat & Mon and was singing from a neighbor’s tree.  On Sunday, she had a male Bluebird sitting on top of the suet feeder and four Goldfinches were pecking at the moss that is growing on the limbs of the Dogwood Tree.  They did this for about 10min and then flew off, never visiting any of the feeders.  On Monday, she saw a Raven flying over Route 15 in Jefferson.  It was doing aerial acrobatics before it landed on a telephone pole.

2/19 (Merril Creek) John Fuller had a Snowy owl while trying to find a Gyrfalcon; it only stayed a short time.

2/18  (Liberty Loop) John Fuller had a nice  show of harriers and short-eared owls at Liberty Loop with more male harriers than females.

2/15 (Liberty Loop) Karyn Cichoki heard an American Woodcock, peenting and chirping of wings at around 5:50 pm; she was on the east side of the loop.

 2/13 Donna and Don had Purple finches continue in the yard. Numbers range between 6 and 9 or 10 – mostly females with two males. Also,  a pair of wood ducks were in the stream – first for the year. A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was feeding on the cedar berries.

2/7 Jack had an Eastern Towhee at his feeder.

2/6 Debra Bifulco had a male harrier flying low over the farm field just before  Airport Road.  Then, a ways down Airport Road, she had a flock of at least 75 Horned Larks.

2/5 Deborah Bifulco has been seeing more and more goldfinches at our feeders (Andover), (11 this day).  She also has been  getting quite a few house finches and an occasional male purple finch.  White-throat numbers continue to be high.

At Swartswood Lake, she had Hooded Mergansers, a pair of Common Goldeneye and one male Greater Scaup, along with loads of Canada Geese.

In the parking lot near the Sears store in Newton, she had a first-year red-shouldered hawk making a pass at a group of starlings (who quickly fled) along with the usual ring-billed gulls and fish crows.

2/4 Donna and Don Traylor had a small flock of purple finches are continuing at their Frankford yard feeders. I have counted 4 females and 3 males. With the little bit of snow the other day, three goldfinches have shown up and there were several cedar waxwings (which had been absent since the last week of December). There are also between 7-10 mourning doves along with the usual winter birds. Every number of nights, they hear the great horned owls calling.

2/3 Fred Weber had some White-crowned Sparrows today (2/3) on Meyer Rd. up .3 mi. from Plains Rd.  The stretch of Meyer Rd. from the thicket by the barn yard up to the gated farm lane is a good spot for them each winter.

2/2 Marianne Ofenloch had the a Hermit Thrush in her yard again as well as some House Finches, 1 American Gold Finch and 1 female Purple Finch. Also, a Eurasian Widgeon was seen on the Musconetcong River in Waterloo Village, and she also had some Turkey Vultures south of Newton.

2/1 Fred Weber had a previously reported female Barrow’s Goldeneye in the Delaware River from Ramseyburg Landing on Rt. 46 about 3.5 mi. south of Rt. 80 (Columbia).  It was with 14 Common Goldeneye a couple hundred yards south of the landing. He had good scope looks comparing it with the female Commons for about 10 min.  Then they flew off down river.  There’s public access to the river with a small parking lot and a gravel path to the left of the historic house.

1/30 Karyn Cichoki had andult Bald Eagle flying towards the Mercedes dealership on the corner of Routes 94 and 206.  She also had 7 American Goldfinches on her thistle feeder, which was the most seen since early fall

1/28 Karyn Cichoki had some Robins in her yard and a Goldfinch on one of her feeders.DSCF7547

1/26  Scott Rando a pair of Rough-legged Hawks kiting and occasionally diving at the Liberty Loop Parking area off Oil City Rd; they were working the field just to the north of the road. The Northern Harriers were slow but steady, with flights picking up around dusk.  3 or 4 males were seen.  About 15-20 minutes after sunset, a couple Short-eared Owls appeared, working the field to the south of the parking area.  Also seen were lots of Canada Geese, a good sized flock of European Starlings, and what appeared to be a flock of Horned Larks, all in flight.

1/25 Marianne Ofenloch (Sussex County Homestead complex) had  a small flock of 39 Canada geese land near the library; 21 of the geese in that flock were banded with silver leg bands.

1/25 Patricia Cherny  had a visit by a  flock of eastern bluebirds in her yard at Culver Lake.  They were eating all the red berries she had placed in outdoor planters.

1/22 Deborah Bifulco had her first American Tree sparrows of the year in the yard – four of them.  And yesterday, she also had her  first-ever leucistic bird in the yard, a Robin (photo through the window, so very grainy.)

1/22 Donna and Don Traylor had a flock of white-crowned sparrows on Roy Road in Wantage. From County Route 565, turn onto Roy Road and continue down the hill just past the barn on the right side. They were in the brush in that area. The small flock of purple finches (3 females, 2 males) continue at their feeders in Frankford Townhip.

1/21 Marianne Ofenloch reports that as of Friday, the redhead drake continues at the farm pond in Lafayette (intersection of Little & Old Statesville Quarry Rd). While birding in the Lafayette area; she also saw 2 American kestrels (one along Decker Road, one along Meadows Road near Van Sickle) and a 3rd falcon near the brook on Van Sickle that was either a merlin or kestrel .   The brook itself had plenty of mallards, and a belted kingfisher hunting around it. Huge flocks of robins and European starlings were headed toward Newton around sunset, as well as some common grackles and blackbirds (presumably red-winged).

On Tuesday, she saw one of the neighbor’s many loose cats sneak under a tarp on a woodpile where the hermit thrush has also been foraging. She chased the cat away but didn’t see the thrush for days afterwards, and  feared that cat (or another) might’ve gotten it, so it was wonderful to see the thrush again on Friday morning!

1/18 Karyn Cockoki had a male Kestrel at the corner of Van Sickle and Meadows Rd as well as a Kingfisher and a Great Blue Heron by the stream on Van Sickle.  She reports that the large flock of Grackles is still by the houses on Meadows Rd near Rt 15.

1/18 Karyn Cichoki reports that the large flock of Grackles is still hanging out by the houses on Meadows Rd. near Rte 15.

During the morning, a male Kestrel at the corner of Van Sickle & Meadows Rd as well as a Kingfisher and Great Blue Heron by the stream on Van Sickle.

1/10 Marianne Ofenloch had 2 Iceland gulls at SCMUA (the county dump), one of which was the “darker” (more tan) Kumlien’s subspecies. Was surprised to find a drake redhead swimming & diving among the Canada geese & other ducks at the tiny farm pond at the corner of Little Rd & Old Statesville Quarry Rd in Lafayette. A pair of muskrats were also working that pond, and became more active after the geese left. Had some first-of-year/yard birds this week, including 2 black vultures flying overhead & an immature sharp-shinned hawk preening in a tree & firing up the blue jays in the process. The hermit thrush continues to grace the yard with its presence (day 46) and a female purple finch returned after being absent for most of the sub-zero days.

1/10 Karyn Cichoki had a a male Red-headed duck yesterday afternoon at the small farm pond on the corner of Statesville Quarry Rd and Little Road – about ½ mile up from Rte 15 in Lafayette. This afternoon around 3pm, the duck is still there along with a female Common Merganser

1/2 Karyn Cichoki had a Tree Sparrow & Yellow-rump Warbler in the yard.  Riding around, she had a male Harrier on Lewisburg Rd. up hear 565 and a Great Blue Heron alongside the little stream on Van Sickle in Lafayette.  Also in Lafayette on Meadows Rd. up from Rte 15, at a front yard feeder there was a flock of 30+ Grackle.

1/2 Donna and Don Traylor had 17 species from their kitchen window.

Highlights included male and female purple finches, several house and goldfinches, at least 6 northern cardinals, numerous juncos and white-throated sparrows, downy and red-bellied woodpecker, red-tailed hawk, black vulture and several great horned owls calling to each other at dusk.

A tree sparrow showed up. Absent was the hermit thrush that has been pretty regular for the last week.

1/1 Karyn Cichoki had a Robin, Tree Sparrow & Grackle show up in the yard to join the regular yard birds as well as a Carolina Wren calling and 1 male & 4 female Cowbirds.  In the evening, there was aGreat Horned Owl is calling from behind the house.

The first picture is of “Stumpy” a squirrel that has been in the yard since the summer of 2016.  He has no left paw and is missing his left leg from the knee down, but he seems to get along fine and has no problem climbing trees although sometimes he almost falls into the bird bath when he jumps up onto it.

The 2nd picture is of a White-throated Sparrow that has no tail.  At first glance one could almost think there was a chick hopping around with the other birds.  Perhaps he escaped the clutches of the Sharpie.