Sightings 2018

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1/18 Karyn Cichoki reports that the large flock of Grackles is still hanging out by the houses on Meadows Rd. near Rte 15.

During the morning, a male Kestrel at the corner of Van Sickle & Meadows Rd as well as a Kingfisher and Great Blue Heron by the stream on Van Sickle.

1/10 Marianne Ofenloch had 2 Iceland gulls at SCMUA (the county dump), one of which was the “darker” (more tan) Kumlien’s subspecies. Was surprised to find a drake redhead swimming & diving among the Canada geese & other ducks at the tiny farm pond at the corner of Little Rd & Old Statesville Quarry Rd in Lafayette. A pair of muskrats were also working that pond, and became more active after the geese left. Had some first-of-year/yard birds this week, including 2 black vultures flying overhead & an immature sharp-shinned hawk preening in a tree & firing up the blue jays in the process. The hermit thrush continues to grace the yard with its presence (day 46) and a female purple finch returned after being absent for most of the sub-zero days.

1/10 Karyn Cichoki had a a male Red-headed duck yesterday afternoon at the small farm pond on the corner of Statesville Quarry Rd and Little Road – about ½ mile up from Rte 15 in Lafayette. This afternoon around 3pm, the duck is still there along with a female Common Merganser

1/2 Karyn Cichoki had a Tree Sparrow & Yellow-rump Warbler in the yard.  Riding around, she had a male Harrier on Lewisburg Rd. up hear 565 and a Great Blue Heron alongside the little stream on Van Sickle in Lafayette.  Also in Lafayette on Meadows Rd. up from Rte 15, at a front yard feeder there was a flock of 30+ Grackle.


1/2 Donna and Don Traylor had 17 species from their kitchen window.

Highlights included male and female purple finches, several house and goldfinches, at least 6 northern cardinals, numerous juncos and white-throated sparrows, downy and red-bellied woodpecker, red-tailed hawk, black vulture and several great horned owls calling to each other at dusk.

A tree sparrow showed up. Absent was the hermit thrush that has been pretty regular for the last week.


1/1 Karyn Cichoki had a Robin, Tree Sparrow & Grackle show up in the yard to join the regular yard birds as well as a Carolina Wren calling and 1 male & 4 female Cowbirds.  In the evening, there was aGreat Horned Owl is calling from behind the house.

The first picture is of “Stumpy” a squirrel that has been in the yard since the summer of 2016.  He has no left paw and is missing his left leg from the knee down, but he seems to get along fine and has no problem climbing trees although sometimes he almost falls into the bird bath when he jumps up onto it.

The 2nd picture is of a White-throated Sparrow that has no tail.  At first glance one could almost think there was a chick hopping around with the other birds.  Perhaps he escaped the clutches of the Sharpie.