Sightings 2017

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12/30 Karyn Cichoki had 1 Robin, 1 Tree Sparrow, 2 female Cowbirds, 1 female Red-wing as well as about 15 House Finches that just showed up one day and are still hanging around.  The Brown Thrasher is still here and we lost one of our Cardinals to either a Sharpie or Coopers Hawk.  This am in the stream on Van Sickle Rd there were about 10 Mallards, 5 Black Ducks and a Kingfisher.

One of the hawks must have been in the yard when the Red-bellied Woodpecker was on the suet feeder as it was frozen in place for about five minutes.  Being upside down allows you to see the red on the belly.

12/28 Cristopher Kiselow and Russ Edwards did an eagle watch and noted the following:

Drove to Milford Beach, PA,  no activity at Metz Rd nest,
Observed 1BE on nest opposite  ½ mile east of Pond Eddy
Observed 1BE opposite Barryville Eagle Obsv.; no activity at the sheltered observatory north of Barryville
Crossed Roebling Bridge at Lackawaxan (no BE activity obs.)
Observed Narrowsburg, NY nest from PA boat launch, Main St. & 5th St., observed 2 BE at nest, also 15 black duck
Observed 1BE & 1Imm. Eagle along Cty 23, near Highland & Eldred respectively.
Observed 2BE & 3 Imm. Eagles on ice at Rio Reservoir; also 20 black duck
Observed 3 BE & 1 Imm. Eagle (at least) at Rondout Reservoir.Total: 10 adult BE, 5 Immature BE; also observed 2 Ravens and 2 Red-tail Hawk during our trip

12/28 Tommy Sodol had a Winter Wren was on his back steps during the morning

12/26 Deborah Bifulco had a Sharp-shinned Hawk near her feeder with a White-throated Sparrow downed as prey.  She also had 2 female Hairy Woodpeckers and at least 1 Yellow-rumped Warbler.

12/25 Karyn Cichocki had 30+ Starlings, 12 House Sparrows, 10 White-throated Sparrows, 7 Mourning Doves, 6 House Finches, 5 Juncos, 4 Cardinals, 3 Titmice, 2 Yellow-rump Warbler, 2 Chickadees, 1 Red-bellied Woodpecker, 1 Downy Woodpecker, 1 Robin, 1 Tree Sparrow and a Brown Thrasher.  (Alright, not exactly the 12 days of Christmas but a nice present all the same.)

12/19 Lee and Terry had over 20 swans on their end of Culver Lake as well as hundreds of gulls and at least 50 Canada Geese.

12/19 Karyn Cichoki had a Hairy and Thrasher at the feeders but not on Christmas count day or yesterday (actually hardly any birds at the feeders both Sun/Mon). But both showed up today; Don took the attached picture.  Yesterday there was a Tree Sparrow.DSCF0165

12/16 Deborrah Bifulco had her first Tree Sparrow of the season and one intrepid YR warbler.  The most unusual bird she saw was a male house finch with both red and yellow feathers.  His colors were very distinctive and not a combination she had seen before. HOFI.jpg

12/15 Karyn Cichoki had a couple of female Cowbirds and a Tree Sparrow join the regulars under the feeder.  The Brown Thrasher got onto the flat ground feeder and was eating the millet seed.

12/14  Karyn Cichoki had an immature male Redwing showed up at the feeder along with the thrasher.  There was also a female Coopers Hawk in one of the cedar trees feeding on a Junco.  At one time there were at least 15 White-throated Sparrows on the driveway.  Don also reported a Grackle.

12/14 Deborah Bifulco reported increased bird activity in the yard with recent snows.  Seen were robins and waxwings almost daily.  The snow brought cowbirds, several starlings and one big grackle.  A yellow-rump was seen going back and forth between the water and the cedars, all fluffed up.  And there is also one male Purple finch in with a flock of house finches.

12/14 Marianne Ofenloch had a Hermit Thrush almost daily at her mealworm feeder as well as 5 other species of woodpecker seen or heard.  The numbers of dark-eyed juncos and white-throated sparrows doubled during the snow, dropped again Sunday, then increased again yesterday (Weds). House finch numbers peaked at 19; one female goldfinch and one female purple finch were among them. Flocks of both Canada and snow geese have been flying over the yard for the last few days, usually in the early morning or after sunset.

12/13 Karyn Cichoki had some  White-throated Sparrows, Juncos and House Finches.   Joining the Brown Thrasher at the bird bath and feeder area today were a Carolina Wren, Robins and a male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.  Also, there was White-throated Sparrows, Juncos and House Finches.  Joining the Brown Thrasher at the bird bath and feeder area today were a Carolina Wren, Robins and a male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker drinking with his butt hanging in the water.12-13-17

12/13 Wade and Sharon Wander had about 120 Snow Geese flying southwest over Lodestar Park in Fredon Twp. Later that afternoon we saw 2 sapsuckers at their suets, and an immature Eastern Phoebe looking for insects and spiders on the deck (Newton).

12/12 Karyn Cichoki had the Thrasher which had not been seen in 4 days and did not seem to be interested in meal worms that Karyn got for it.

12/11 Karyn Cichoki had a couple of pairs of American Wigeons on the lake on Pigeon Hill Rd. across from High Pt School (Wantage), a Kingfisher on Roy Rd (Wantage), Goldfinch on Pines Rd (Frankford Township just up from Rte 206), a Tree Sparrow on Fenwick Rd (Augusta) and a mature singing White Crowned Sparrow on Gorney Rd. near the corner of Fenwick (Lafayette).  The White Crown hopped down to the ground and joined a Junco and Song Sparrow all taking a bath in some running water.

12/10 Deborah Bifulco had many birds in the yard yesterday ahead of a snow storm.  In addition to all the usual feeder birds, there were also larger than usual numbers of robins, house finch, juncos and white-throats.

A Red-shouldered Hawk was also seen near the feeder; none of the feeder birds, even the blue jays, seemed the least bit concerned by the hawk’s presence.  Eventually, the hawk flew off into the woods.RSHA.jpg

12/4 Fred Weber had  a female Yellow-headed Blackbird (12/4), found yesterday by Alan Boyd on Montana Rd. in Warren Co.  It was in a large corn field near the intersection of Montana Rd & Allen’s Mill Rd., not far from Merril Creek.  It was foraging with cowbirds & starlings which had separated from the main flock which was mostly grackles.   2 hrs of looking and waiting  only yielded  a brief look at the bird.  The flock spent most of the time in the trees across the field by Millbrook Rd.

12/3 Karyn Cichoki  had Robins, Yellow-rump Warblers and a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in the birdbath.  This was the first time she saw the sapsucker at the bird bath.  Also, a Carolina Wren calling and more House Finches were showing up at the feeder.

12/1 Karyn Cichoki still had a Brown Thrasher that has been hanging around.  The thrasher seemed to be enjoying pieces of suet knocked off by some woodpeckers.

12-1-17 a

11/28 Marianne Ofenloch had a female purple finch returned to the yard; haven’t seen any since May, which was unusual this year. A hermit thrush, making tentative pecks at the suet, and a male yellow-bellied sapsucker, feeding on meal worms, were two of the other delightful visitors over the holiday weekend.

11/27 Karyn Cichoki still has the Brown Thrasher in the yard.   She had a female House Finch at the feeder, the first finch in almost two months.  Heard was a Bluebird and Pileated Woodpecker and there was a Red Squirrel running around the yard.  It was doing circles around one of the tree trunks because the House Sparrows were chasing it.  This is the 2nd time in 25 years one has been spotted in the yard..

11/21 Karyn Cichoki had a Brown Thrasher on the ground under the suet feeder looking for droppings that the woodpeckers send down.  The Great Horned Owls have been calling again.

11/7 Russ Edwards had his first Junco at his feeder.

11/6 Lee and Terry McQuillin had a pair of bluebirds pecking at bugs on our windowsill.  They also saw  about 4 dozen ring-necked ducks surrounding a few mallards and buffleheads on Culver Lake.

11/5 (Culvers Lake) Fred Weber had a Red-necked Grebe, 4 Common Loons, 20 Bufflehead, a Common Goldeneye, a Ruddy Duck, and 11 female Black Scoters (yesterday he saw 2 males & 5 females with a Greater Scaup). The grebe was swimming back & forth with its face down looking under water, then it made a short dive coming up with a fish.

11/4 (Owens Station) Maria Loukeris had a Brant by fishing dock.

11/3 Karyn Cichoki had an immature Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in her Dogwood  and also had a small group of Yellow-rump Warblers.  Today the Brown Thrasher was at the bird bath

11/1 Karyn Cichoki had many Robins in her yard vying for space at the bird bath.  A Brown Thrasher was also seen at the bird bath.

10/29 Marianne Ofenloch had a small raft of 14 black scoters (mostly hens) in the middle of Culvers Lake. Other birds included a few buffleheads, a common goldeneye hen, and a common loon, which has been there for at least a week.
10/28 Marianne Ofenloch had a small flock of about 20 brant flying fairly low over her yard — first time for this species here.

Earlier Sunday, on the way home from Wallkill River NWR, some highlights included a northern harrier dueling with a red-tailed hawk over Neilson Rd near Lusscroft, and a small group of mixed species in High Point SP that included dark-eyed junco, field sparrow, both ruby-crowned & golden-crowned kinglets, eastern phoebe, and chipping sparrow.

10/27 Karyn Cichoki had Cedar Waxwings and Robins flying around in the yard.  This morning it was 37F and it was cold watching a Robin taking a bath.  Also visiting the bird bath were a Brown Thrasher and Yellow-rump Warbler.  This is the latest we have had the Thrasher in the yard.  Also seen was a Blue-headed Vireo and White-throated Sparrows, which arrived overnight.

10/27/17 Deborah Bifulco had a group of juncos showed up Monday in her yard, rustling around furtively in the brush.  Meanwhile, White-throated Sparrows are at the edge of the woods, breaking into occasional song.

Lots of cedar waxwings,along with yellow rumps and RC kinglets.  A male bluebird was singing and checking out  nest boxes early in the week.

She also had a  Milbert’s Tortoiseshell in the garden for two days.  Still seeing occasional monarchs and painted ladies.

10/26 Karyn Cichocki  had two Palm Warblers and also had aGreat Horned Owl calling from a yard tree with another owl answering from a distance; usually start to hear them calling in December.

10/26 (Sunrise Mtn) on the 25th Scott Rando had 5 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 2 Red-tailed Hawks, 1 Merlin, and 1 Peregrine Falcon.  There was a NW wind at 5-15, but it died towards noon, and that reflected upon the bird count.

On the 26th, there was more wind , NW at 10-20 under a broken cloud cover.  There was 1 Bald Eagle (and 6 locals), 2 Northern Harriers, 11 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 3 Cooper’s Hawks, 1 Red-shouldered Hawk, and 3 Red-tailed Hawks.

10/23 Karyn Cichocki had a  mixed fallout of birds in our yard yesterday.  Robins (20+), Cedar Waxwings (15+), Ruby & Golden-crowned Kinglets (10+) & Yellow-rump Warblers (30+).  Because there were so many birds flying around in the trees it made it almost impossible to get all of them identified; may have been other warblers mixed in with them.

10/23 (Kittatinny Valley SP) Marianne Ofenloch had a vesper sparrow ground-feeding in the campgrounds. Other birds seen in the park included many ruby-crowned kinglets, a blue-headed vireo, palm warblers, a nice flock of cedar waxwings perched atop a bare tree, and an immature white-crowned sparrow.
10/20 (Sunrise Mtn) Scott Rando had44 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 18 migrant Bald Eagles, a big day for eagles, 4 Coopers Hawks,  2 Northern Harriers, 2 Red-shouldered Hawks, 2 Red-tailed Hawks, 2 Merlin, 1 Peregrine Falcon, and 1 American Kestrel.  There were several local Bald Eagles, Red-tailed Hawks, and Turkey and Black Vultures.  Also seen or heard was a Pileated Woodpecker, a Red-bellied Woodpecker, Crows, Ravens, and a skein of Canada Geese.

10/17 (Liberty Loop) Ken Witkowski had 25 Great Yellowlegs, 20 Lesser Yellowlegs, 1 Short-billed dowitcher – 1st seen in the south pool then flew off and was later seen on the north side of Oil City Rd. where it was with a group of 11 Pectoral Sandpipers.  There are also 300+ Green-winged Teal, 250 Mallards, and a few Pintails and Black Ducks.  Also, many sparrows, mostly White-throated, Song and Savannahs.

10/16 (Sunrise Mtn) Scott Rando  had 44 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 10 Red-tailed Hawks, 5 Bald Eagles (and 3 more local eagles), 3 Cooper’s hawk, 7 Merlin, 5 American Kestrel, and 1 unknown accipiter.  A lot of the action was from 7 to 8 am, and steady after that, but with birds getting very high as the day wore on, making them more difficult to spot.  Also seen in the sky was several Brandt, a single loon, and a single Great Blue Heron.

10/16 Deborah Bifulco had many Cedar Waxwings and Robins feeding on cedar “berries” in her yard.  She also had Chickadees, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, and Yellow-rumped Warblers.  She also reported some Painted Lady and Monarch butterflies passing through.

10/16 (Kittatinny Valley SP) Mike Tracy had a flock of 30-40 Pipits in the field next to Twin Lakes.4654w

10/15 (Hainesville WMA) Marianne Ofenloch had a nice assortment of birds, including a brown creeper, yellow-bellied sapsuckers, both ruby-crowned & golden-crowned kinglets, hermit thrushes & a gray-cheeked thrush, and a young Cooper’s hawk hunting in a fairly leisurely manner. The common loon was still on Culvers Lake with 2 pied-billed grebes but not many waterfowl, and a small flock of American pipits flew into the marsh at the back of the causeway. An assortment at Hendershot’s Point in Swartswood SP included many mute swans, a pied-billed grebe, both kinglets, and a blue-headed vireo.

10/14 (Kittatinny Valley SP) Deborah Bifulco saw and photographed 2 Great Cormorants as they sat on a small. sand-bar and preened.

10/14 Marianne Ofenloch saw her first common loon of this season among the hundreds of gulls (mostly ring-billed by size) on the water near dusk. There were also some Canada geese and a few mute swans, as well as waterfowl arriving for the evening.

10/13 Bob Cappuccio had the latest hummingbird at his Culver Lake feeder in 62 years on Oct. 10.  This is three days later than the prior record. He caught only a glimpse as it left the feeder, so he couldn’t tell whether it as adult or immature.

10/11 (Kittatinny Valley SP) Marianne Ofenloch had a pair of immature great cormorants  at White’s Pond ; not sure if the first to find them was Al Boyd or Tom Halliwell. They looked up and seemed to watch every time a flock of Canada geese flew overhead. A single ruddy duck was also on that pond. About 10-15 minutes after leaving White’s Pond, she was on Goodale Road toward Twin Lakes & saw the cormorants flying north over the road in the general direction of Twin Lakes/Lake Aeroflex.

10/10 (Andover) Debra Bifulco had  Ruby-crowned kinglets moving through the yard, along with at least one YB sapsucker.  The cedar waxwings have discovered the grove of cedars in the front and can often be seen doing all sorts of acrobatic maneuvers in the trees. Last week, on Oct. 4, saw the latest recorded RT hummingbird in the yard for an hour or so.  It pays to leave that hummingbird feeder up.  Also, several monarchs have taken advantage of the feeder too.  Monarch-raising season yielded 148 successful releases, the last one yesterday.  Still getting lots of Painted Ladies and monarchs in the garden.

10/10 Karyn Cichocki had a group of 5-6 Bluebirds hanging around the yard calling back & forth to each other.   Also seen were a pair of Ravens hanging around, calling to each other a well as three adult Chipping Sparrows.

Other yard birds – Waxwing, Pileated & Flicker Woodpeckers, Phoebe & Yellow-rump Warbler.  Also, some catbirds.

10/5 (Sunrise Mtn) Scott Rando had 9 Sharp-shinned Hawks and 3 Osprey seen between 8 am and 2 pm.  IN addition, there were N.Flicker, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Chimney Swift, Tree Swallow, Blue Jay, Crow, Raven, Tohee, a couple skeins of C. Geese, and a Cormorant. Buck Moth. 17 Monarchs were seen.

10/2 Tommy Sudol got a great look at a Swainson’s Thrush near mile mark 7 on Owassa Rd, Stillwater Twp Monday morning. He heard or seen at least one at this spot every time he stopped over the last couple of weeks. Cooper’s Hawk, Great Egret, Lincoln’s Sparrow, Swamp Sparrow, imm White-crowned Sparrow, and Savannah Sparrow were along Parsons Rd where it crosses the Paulinskill.

9/28 (Sunrise Mtn) Scott Rando reports good conditions with a good NW wind  and 7 migrating species.  The count was 12 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 7 Osprey, 6 American Kestrels, 5 Peregrine Falcons, 4 Coopers Hawks, 3 Merlins, 1 Broad-winged Hawk, and 2 unidentified Buteos.  In addition, there were local Red-tailed Hawks, and Black and Turkey Vultures.  An adult Bald Eagle appeared at 10:08 am.  Other sightings included Northern Flickers, Ravens, crows, Blue Jays, a Phoebe, and several skeins of Canada Geese.  A painted Lady and 2 Monarchs were seen.

9/23 (Sunrise Mtn) Scott Rando reports that  several members from the SCBC as well as some other visitors up on Sunrise Mountain under a clear blue sky and light north winds.  Although not too many broad-winged hawks, a variety of species were seen, with some close looks at most of the passing raptors.  Seen were 6 Broad-winged Hawks, , 2 Coopers Hawks, 1 northern harrier, one Osprey, and 1 American Kestrel, some local vultures (TV and BV) and a local merlin.

Other species included Towhee, a skein of Canada Geese, Pine Warbler, White Nuthatch, Raven, Crow, Blue Jay, Northern Flicker, Cedar Waxwing, and Goldfinch.  Butterflies included Black Swallowtail, Painted Lady, Fritillary, Buck Moths, and Cabbage.  6 Monarchs were seen.

9/23 Karyn Cichocki had  two Flickers calling back & forth, a Pileated Woodpecker flying over the house, and a  Phoebe feeding in the Dogwood (couldn’t tell if it was eating the berries).  Immature Waxwings were sunning themselves, feeding and talking leaf baths in the Oak Tree.  She  tracked a bird around the yard that she thought was a warbler that was making a weird warbling call, then when it finally became visible it was an immature Chipping Sparrow.  There was also a Raven and Kingfisher calling from across the street.

The summer Goldfinches have left but a group of Chickadees & Titmice have come back to the yard.

9/21 (Sunrise Mtn) Scott Rando had 58 broad-winged hawks and 1 sharp-shinned hawk.  The wind started from the NNW at 5-15, but diminished to near calm by mid-day.  Also spotted were Ravens, Turkey and Black vultures, towhees, blue jays, swallows, and a flock of geese swooping low over the summit.  Butterflies included Swallowtails, Painted Lady, and 7 Monarchs.

9/20 (Sunrise Mtn) Scott Rando had 1 Bald Eagle, 1 Sharp-shinned Hawk, 1 Coopers hawk, and 39 Broad-winged Hawks.  The wind was right down the ridge, NE, which may have accounted for the small number of broad-winged hawks today.  What did come was early (a kettle of 29, plus another 10 a few minutes later).  A large group of school kids led by staff from the NJ School of Conservation came just in time for the show.

Other sightings included a local imm. Bald Eagle, Red-tail Hawk, TV’s and BV’s, Northern Flicker, Piliated Woodpecker, Blue Jays, Crows, Ravens, Buck Moths and a Swallowtail.  2 Monarchs were seen.

9/18 (Sunrise Mtn) Scott Rando had 1 Osprey, 2 Northern Harriers, 2 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 1 Merlin, 517 Broad-winged Hawks and 1 unidentified accipiter.  AN immature and an adult bald eagle appeared together at 12:40 pm.  Also, there were Towhees, ravens, a huge murder of crows (50-75), several buck moths and 2 monarchs.

9/17 (Sunrise Mtn) John Fuller had 2 Coopers Hawks, 6 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 3 osprey, 4 kestrel, 2 bald eagles, and 93 Broad-winged Hawks, .  Foggy low early and took forever to clear out.  Very little wind from east to south.  Also seen were 2 boldly colored black throated blue warblers

9/17 Deborah Bifulco had several Magnolia Warblers through the yard in the past week (Andover Twp).  She also spotted the first White-throated Sparrow for the season.  She released her 107th Monarch butterfly for the season with 20-30 to go.

9/16 (Sunrise Mtn) John Fuller had 1 merlin, 1 osprey, 1 kestrel, I cooper’s hawks 3 bald eagles, 8 sharp-shinned hawks and 542 broad-winged hawks.  Biggest kettle was 129, mostly in the 10-11 hour. Foggy low early, took a while to clear up.  Nearly no wind. Heard a ruffed grouse.  Saw several warbler.  Only was able to identify 2 pine warblers.

9/12 Marianne Ofenloch had some nice birding moments over the weekend in the northwest corner; seemed like Cape May warblers were in every cone-bearing Norway spruce patch checked.. At Hainesville WMA, a Philadelphia vireo, an adult male merlin, 2 blackburnian warblers, at least 7 Cape May warblers, and a few Tennessee warblers were the highlights. An adult red-shouldered hawk (in Shotwell) and Cape May and pine warblers (by Lake Ashroe) were highlights in Stokes. Cape May’s also returned to the yard, as well as a single blackpoll warbler.

For those interested in rare birds outside Sussex County, two particularly uncommon species to see include a roseate spoonbill (“normal” range Florida/south) at Heislerville WMA in Cumberland County and yellow-headed blackbirds (“normal” range from midwest/west) at Edwin B. Forsythe NWR (aka Brig) in Atlantic County. Both locations are excellent birding spots at any time of year, esp. during migration

9/11 (Sunrise Mtn) With 3 counters, we saw 13 Broad-winged Hawks, 1 Peregrine Falcon, 1 American Kestrel, and 1 Merlin from 6 am till 12:30 PM.  Some of the BW hawks were sharing thermals with kettling vultures.  Also spotted was a N. Flicker, YB Sapsucker, Flycatcher, and jays, crows and ravens.  A Grey Tree frog was heard.  5 Monarchs were seen as well as a fritillary visiting the abundant goldenrod near the pavilion.

9/7 (Sunrise Mtn.) Scott Rando had 3 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 2 Osprey, and some local Turkey and Black Vultures.  Non raptor species included  many of noisy blue jays, a goldfinch, northern flicker, some ravens, TV’s and BV’s, hummingbirds, pine warblers and some swallows. One monarch was spotted.

8/31 Tommy Sudol had a group of about 6 nighthawks was circling above the yard, slowly drifting south. (Plymouth Lake in Stillwater Township).

8/28 Marianne Ofenloch had  a pair of Canada warblers (one adult male, one juvenile), a black & white warbler, and a young house wren (hopefully one of the fledglings) were among the yard (Montague) foragers this weekend. Also found 2 monarch caterpillars eating the milkweed, which is the first time they’ve been seen here. A small group of 18 common nighthawks was flying over the pond at Owens Station on Saturday just before sunset.

8/25 Lee and Terry McQuillin had a visit from a Great Egret.

8/22 Bob Sandy had imm. Little Blue Herons and a imm. Black-crowned Night Heron as well as a Red-tailed Hawk.

8/17 Karyn Cichocki had vocalizing Ravens, Red-tail Hawks, Wood Peewee, Field Sparrow, and Indigo Bunting.  In the yard, she saw Red-eyed Vireo, Great Crested Flycatcher, and Oreole as well as flocks of immature Red-winged Blackbirds and Cowbirds.  Heard in the yard was a Red-breasted Nuthatch.

8/17 Marianne Ofenloch saw a second batch of House Wrens fledged at her house.  Also seen were a Common Grackle, a Rose-breasted Grosbeak and several Ruby-throated Hummingbirds.

8/8 Marianne Ofenloch had an immature Little Blue Heron at the pool by the platform at Liberty Loop in Walkill, NY.  At around sunset, Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets have been flying into a tree on the north side of Oil City Rd to roost.   A second brood of House Wrens are ready to leave the nest box in her yard.  She also reports a juvenile male Rose-breasted Grosbeak and a White-throated Sparrow in the yard.

8/7 Karyn Cichocki had a singing Red-eyed Vireo, Cedar Waxwings and a Kingbird in her yard in Lafayette over the past week.  She has been getting more adult and immature Redwings and Cowbirds showing up under the feeders and have had small flocks of immature Starlings feeding on our front lawn. 4 female and 1 male Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are causing the feeders to be refilled daily.  In White Lake Natural Resource Area in Warren County, she reported a Broad-winged Hawk and a male and either a female or immature Purple Martin flying above the fields.

8/7 Deborah Bifulco had a dozen hummingbirds in some pokeweed blossoms and a Prairie Warbler in the garden.  She also reports a 3rd brood of House Wrens in one of her boxes.

8/1 Liberty Loop: Karyn Cichocki had lots of Indigo Buntings along the trail as well as Goldfinches.  10 Great Egrets, several Green Herons and six immature Wood Ducks were seen on the NY portion of the trail. At the back ponds in NJ – she got a lifer for me when a Least Bittern flew from the wet area north of the trail to wet area south of the trail.  Also heard Sara Rail calling several times and about 5 Marsh Wrens were singing along the trail.Spotted, Semipalmated, Solitary Sandpipers, Killdeer, Green Herons, Pied-billed Grebe and several families of Common Gallinules were also seen on the back ponds.Other birds seen along the trail – Kingbird, Phoebe, Willow Flycatcher, F/Immature Tanager, F/Immature Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Red-eyed Vireo, Waxwing, Chimney Swift, Kestrel.  I also heard a Yellow-billed Cuckoo.For those who don’t want to make the long walk from the parking lot on Oil City Road, you can park at Owen Station Road and walk the trail from there, which is shorter.

8/1 Marianne Ofenloch: Ring-billed gulls have been returning in greater numbers each week since mid-July. There were 15 at Culvers Lake and 6 at the county dump (SCMUA) on Tuesday, while yesterday there were nearly 100 at SCMUA. In the yard, brood #2 of the house wrens are being fed in the nest box; it sounds like at least 3 young, and it appears that only the female is tending them. At least 3 juvenile hummingbirds are at the feeders with an adult male and at least 1 adult female, including an extremely aggressive young male chasing all the others and even a goldfinch. A mid-summer first was an accipiter (Cooper’s or sharp-shinned hawk) raiding the area; I usually don’t see them hunting near the house this time of year. The raid scattered all the other birds and left feathers drifting past a window; it seemed to have caught something, most likely a young blue jay by the racket.

7/31 Liberty Loop (south end): Fred Weber had  about 30 Least, 2 Semi-palm., 6 Solitary, 1 Spotted, & 3 Pectoral Sandpipers; 4 Greater & 1 Lesser Yellowlegs; about 25 Killdeer, and a Semi-palm. Plover.  Also 12 Common Gallinules (3 adults & 9 young ones), & a Sora called once at 10 am.

7/30 Debra Bifulco had baby birds in the yard, including second broods of chipping sparrows, gray catbirds and cardinals.  The Blue Jay youngsters are relentless, continuing to follow the adults around and scream incessantly to be fed.  It’s a wonder the parents don’t fly far, far away.  Ovenbirds nested somewhere back in our woods again this year and I’ve had several youngsters pottering around investigating things.   Several hummingbirds are also at the feeders with 4 males guarding 6 feeders.

7/26 Hyper Humus: Karyn Cichocki had a great egret and 2 families of wood ducks on pond 1.  She also had wood thrush, marsh wren, Baltimore oriole, willow flycatcher & cedar waxwings.  The 2 eaglets have fledged. The 2 eaglets have fledged.

7/10 Hyper Humus:  Karyn Cichocki had Baltimore oriole, scarlet tanager, song & swamp sparrows, yellow warbler, common yellowthroat, warbling vireo, willow flycatcher, marsh, house, & Carolina wrens, veery, wood thrush, goldfinch, 3 bald eagles, a red-admiral butterfly, and a family of raccoons.  Nesting birds around her yard include house wren, bluebirds, house sparrows, and hummingbird.

7/4 Terry & Lee McQuillin had a family of pied-billed grebes on Culver Lake.

6/23 Lafayette:  Among the birds around Karyn Cichocki’s yard are downy, red-bellied, & hairy woodpeckers, 3 Carolina wrens, brown thrasher, Baltimore oriole, great crested flycatcher, and 2 pairs of catbirds.

6/16 Bob Sandy photographed common mergansers on the Wallkill River.  Also starlings and a rose-breasted grosbeak in his Wantage yard.

6/12 Tommy Sudol had an olive-sided flycatcher over his yard in Stillwater.

6/10 Fred Weber had a female mourning warbler in his bird bath near Culver Lake.

6/8 Hyper Humus:  Karyn Cichocki had house & marsh wrens, yellow warbler, common yellowthroat, redstart, willow, least, and great crested flycatchers, eastern pewee, veery, wood thrush, Baltimore oriole, and 2 immature bald eagles.

6/7 Lafayette:  Karyn Cichocki heard a great horned owl near her house.  Also around the neighborhood were Baltimore oriole, great crested flycatcher, downy, hairy, & red-bellied woodpeckers, eastern kingbird, white-breasted nuthatch, catbird, mockingbird, brown thrasher, and ruby-throated hummingbird.

6/6 Ken Witkowski found an adult black tern at the north end of Liberty Loop.

5/21 Kuser Natural Area:  Karyn Cichocki had a pair of sapsuckers, Canada warbler, northern waterthrush, and phoebes.

5/21 Tommy Sudol had a chat at the powerline cut south of Watergate on Old Mine Rd.  Around his house in Stillwater he had cerulean warbler, Swainson’s thrush, and a possible Bicknell’s thrush.

5/21 Blais Brancheau had 2 different female hooded mergansers with young at Ferla’s Pond in Hardwick.

5/19 Bob Sandy photographed bald eagles along the Delaware near Port Jervis.

5/19 In the Walpack area Karyn Cichocki had blackburnian & black-throated green warblers, chimney swifts, alder flycatcher, and pewee.  A water snake and a six-spotted beetle were also seen.  In Lafayette chimney swifts and great crested flycatchers have returned.  A pair of mockingbirds are courting and a flicker has been drumming on a nearby telephone pole.

5/14 Mike Tracy photographed common nighthawks over Little Swartswood Lake.

5/14 Around his yard in Augusta, Mike Gannon had a common merg with 3 young, 2 scarlet tanagers, a great crested flycatcher, a yellow warbler, and a yellow-rumped warbler.

5/14 Karyn Cichocki led a SCBC field trip to High Point that had 51 species including ruffed grouse, both waterthrushes, cerulean & blackpoll warblers, 6 woodpecker species, and several bald eagles.

5/12 Millbrook Village/Watergate:  Karyn Cichocki had Louisiana waterthrush, blackpoll & chestnut-sided warblers, broad-winged & red-tailed hawks, cedar waxwing, downy woodpecker, black vulture, tree swallows, kingbird, and geese with young.

5/11 Around Deborah Bifulco’s Andover yard were indigo bunting, Baltimore orioles, rose-breasted grosbeaks, ovenbird, and wood thrush.

5/11 Lafayette:  Karyn Cichocki had a pair of bluebirds checking out one of her houses.  Also around the yard were phoebe, rose-breasted grosbeak, and hummingbird.

5/10 Tommy Sudol had a Wilson’s warbler and an eastern wood-pewee at Little Swartswood Lake.  Black-throated blue, black-throated green, and Nashville warblers were in his Stillwater yard.

5/8 Deborah Bifulco had a female scarlet tanager eating oranges in her yard.  A Baltimore oriole and a rose-breasted grosbeak were also present.

5/7 Karyn Cichocki led a SCBC walk in the Millbrook Village/Watergate area.  Fifty-four species were noted including 13 species of warblers, barred owl, and both orioles.

5/7 Montague:  Marianne Ofenloch had great crested flycatcher, black & white warbler, redstart, white-crowned sparrow, red-breasted & white-breasted nuthatches.  High Point had hooded & cerulean warblers, and Brodheckers Farm had least sandpipers.  Hainesville WMA had worm-eating warbler & northern waterthrush, and a cliff swallow was at Culver Lake.  Also at Culver were several red-breasted mergansers.

5/3 Fred Weber had a whip-poor-will calling at the beginning of Crater Lake Rd.  Another was calling from the Blue Mountain Lakes parking lot.  Two porcupines were near Crater Lake and another was near the Blue Mountain Lakes parking lot.

5/3 Glenn Mahler had white-crowned and Lincoln’s sparrows at his feeders in Stillwater.

5/2 Andover:  Deborah Bifulco had white-crowned sparrow, rose-breasted grosbeaks, and catbirds.  Duck Pond Trail in Swartswood SP had parula & hooded warblers, ovenbirds, great-crested flycatchers, scarlet tanager, and wood ducks.  Little Swartswood Lake had yellow-throated vireo and wood thrush.

5/2 Maria Loukeris photographed a golden-winged warbler along the Appalachian Trail near Canal Rd in Vernon.

5/1 Birds around Marianne Ofenloch’s yard include ovenbird, Baltimore oriole, blue-headed vireo, yellow-rump, veery, wood thrush, scarlet tanager, hummingbird, and 7 rose-breasted grosbeaks.

5/1 Andover:  Deborah Bifulco had a Baltimore oriole, 3 rose-breasted grosbeaks, a pair of mockingbirds, a red-eyed vireo, courting titmice, a cardinal carrying nest material, and 2 red-breasted nuthatches.

5/1 Fred Weber had a dozen bobolinks in a field at the corner of Fairview Lake Rd. & Old Schoolhouse Rd. in Stillwater Twp.

4/30 Hyper Humus:  Karyn Cichocki had black & white and parula warblers, least flycatcher, rose-breasted grosbeak, spotted sandpiper, dc cormorant, and orchard orioles.

4/30 A SCBC walk at Hyper Humus led by Marianne Ofenloch had 69 species including both orioles, bald eagles on the nest, eastern kingbird, indigo bunting, goldfinches, spotted & solitary sandpipers.

4/29 Karyn Cichocki had a glossy ibis at Hyper Humus flying towards the southernmost ponds.  Also present were catbird, ovenbird, wood thrush, and Baltimore oriole.  In her yard were red-eyed vireo and yellow-rumps.

4/28 Among the birds in Donna & Don Traylor’s Frankford yard were white-throat, junco, house wren, and Baltimore oriole.

4/28 Around NW Sussex County, Marianne Ofenloch had northern parula, catbird, house wren, broadwing, blue-winged, yellow, black-throated blue, & black-throated green warblers, ovenbird, redstart, Louisiana waterthrush, yellowthroat, both orioles, scarlet tanager, and wood thrush.

4/28 Lafayette:  karyn Cichocki had catbird, warbling vireo, brown thrasher, hairy woodpecker, and many goldfinches.

4/27 Andover:  Deborah Bifulco had rose-breasted grosbeak, hummingbird, and a flyover crow carrying a snake.

4/26 Jack Padalino had the earliest hummingbird ever at his house in Dingman’s Ferry, PA.

4/26 Mike Tracy photographed a Virginia rail at Hyper Humus.

4/26 Deborah Bifulco and several others had the following at Hyper Humus:  several Virginia rails, 2 soras, an American bittern, Wilson’s snipe, yellow warblers, swamp sparrows, and great crested flycatcher.  Her Andover yard had white-throats, chipping sparrows, thrashers, catbirds, downy, hairy, & red-bellied woodpeckers, house wren, and bluebirds.

4/25 A pair of ravens were calling across from Karyn Cichocki’s house.  Many goldfinches and purple finches were in her yard.

4/24 In her yard Deborah Bifulco had catbird, broadwings, and bluebirds.  Hyper humus had 6 yellow warblers, a catbird, a Virginia rail, spring azures, cabbage whites, and 2 tiger swallowtails.

4/23 Tillman’s Ravine:  Donna & Don Traylor had black & white, parula, black-throated green, pine, & yellow-rumped warblers, Louisiana waterthrush, and blue-headed vireo.

4/23 Hyper Humus:  Karyn Cichocki had yellow-rumps, gnatcatcher, yellow warbler, ruby-crowned kinglet, redstart, kingfisher, shoveler, green-winged teal, wood duck, pied-billed grebe, great blue heron, house & marsh wrens, field, song, & swamp sparrows, and goldfinch.  Also present were spring azure, grapevine epimenis, peepers, tree frogs, and cricket frogs.

4/23 Marianne Ofenloch had a towhee singing in her Montague yard.  Culver Lake had 8 white-winged scoters, a pair of gadwall, and a great egret.

4/23 Karyn Cichocki had cedar waxwings, flickers, red-breasted nuthatch, ruby-crowned king, and 15 goldfinches in her yard.

4/21 Lafayette:  Karyn Cichocki had red-breasted nuthatch, goldfinches, purple finches, and a singing field sparrow.

4/20 Among the birds in Deborah Bifulco’s yard were house wren, pine warbler, brown thrasher, white-throats, chipping sparrows, house finches, and goldfinches.

4/16 Lafayette:  Karyn Cichocki had white-throats, a turkey, and tree swallows near her house.

4/16 Lynn Lussier had a Louisiana waterthrush near Branchville.

4/16 Karyn Cichocki had ruby-crowned kinglet, house wren, towhee, goldfinches, and a thrasher at her house.  Hyper Humus had bald eagle, osprey, wood ducks, white-throated, song, & swamp sparrows, tree swallows, goldfinches, towhee, pileated, turkey, and Virginia rail.  Also spring azures.  Roy Rd in Wantage had field sparrow, kestrel, tree & barn swallows, yellow warbler, and killdeer.  Loomis Rd had a singing grasshopper sparrow.

4/15 Bob Sandy photographed goldfinches in his Wantage yard.

4/13 Deborah Bifulco has a pair of bluebirds checking out a house in her yard.  Also present are brown thrasher, a dozen purple finches, many goldfinches, a red-breasted nuthatch, and a possible siskin/goldfinch hybrid.

4/13 Mike Gannon had a palm warbler in his Augusta yard.

4/12 Lafayette:  Karyn Cichocki has brown thrasher, white-throats, red-breasted nuthatch, purple finch, chipping sparrow, and mockingbird in her yard.  Toads and tree frogs are calling.

4/10 Tommy Sudol had a whip-poor-will calling near his house in Stillwater.

4/10 Karyn Cichocki has singing brown thrasher, bluebird, and ruby-crowned kinglet in her yard.  Juncos and white-throated sparrows are starting to dwindle.

4/9 Lafayette:  Karyn Cichocki has a male purple finch and a red-breasted nuthatch at her feeders.

4/9 Lynn Lussier had a blue-gray gnatcatcher and a ruby-crowned kinglet at Lake Owassa.

4/7 Wade & Sharon Wander had 7 northern shovelers at Waterwheel Farm in Fredon.  The red-shouldered hawks that have nested in their yard since 2013 began incubating on 4/5.  Seven purple finches have joined the 100+ goldfinches in their yard.

4/7 Culver Lake:  Marianne Ofenloch had a red-necked grebe, an osprey, and 38 common loons.  Purple finches and a fox sparrow were in her yard.

4/6 Culver Lake:  Fred Weber had red-necked grebe, 9 common loons, barn, rough-winged, and tree swallows.

4/5 Fred Weber had a Louisiana waterthrush along Beaver Lake Rd in Franklin.  Phil Hardin Rd in Fredon had 14 kestrels.  Culver Lake had a red-necked grebe, 3 horned grebes, and 4 common loons.

4/5 Lafayette:  Karyn Cichocki had singing phoebe and chipping sparrows.  Twenty female and 3 male turkeys were on Snover Rd.

4/5 Marianne Ofenloch had red-necked grebe, chipping sparrow, and brown thrasher at Swartswood Lake.  Culver Lake had a red-necked grebe, some snow geese, and a few rough-winged swallows.

4/5 White Pond, KVSP:  Mike Tracy had a pine warbler, a few palm warblers, and an osprey.

4/4 Andover:  Deborah Bifulco had a brown thrasher at her suet feeder.  Also around the yard were 3 purple finches and several dozen goldfinches.  A pair of bluebirds were checking out a nest box.

4/4 Maria Loukeris had 35-40 common loons on Swartswood Lake.  She photographed a white-winged scoter there.

4/3 Lafayette:  Karyn Cichocki had 14 goldfinches and a chipping sparrow.

4/3 Tommy Sudol had red-necked, pied-billed, and horned grebes on Swartswood Lake.  A kestrel and 3 meadowlarks were in a tree on Phil Hardin Rd in Fredon.

4/2 Marianne Ofenloch had 12 common loons on Culver Lake, including one singing.  Swartswood Lake had 4 pairs of red-breasted mergansers and 11 double-crested cormorants.  An otter was at Hainesville WMA.

4/2 Karyn Cichocki continues to have a fox sparrow and a red-breasted nuthatch in her yard.  Spring peepers and wood frogs are calling near her house.

4/1 Montague:  Marianne Ofenloch had 26 goldfinches, a field sparrow, 2 siskins, 2 bluebirds, and her first chipmunk of the spring.

3/31 Culver Lake:  Fred Weber had 18 long-tailed ducks, 6 common loons, buffleheads, common goldeneye, common mergansers, 5 lesser scaup, 1000 tree swallows, and several hundred ring-billed gulls.

3/30 Tommy Sudol had pine warbler and golden-crowned kinglet at Fairview Lake in Stillwater.

3/30 Hyper Humus:  Karyn Cichocki had 2 pairs of phoebes, 30+ song sparrows, a tree sparrow, several golden-crowned kinglets, 2 common mergs, a pair of buffleheads, 30+ ring-billed gulls, several American wigeon, and some green-winged teal.  The eagle pair are on the nest and incubating.

3/28 Tommy Sudol had a Bonaparte’s gull on Swartswood Lake.  A snipe was along Decker Rd in Lafayette and a  singing rusty blackbird was at Hyper Humus.

3/27 Culver Lake:  Fred Weber had 16 laughing gulls, 2 Bonaparte’s gulls, a common loon, 2 horned grebes, 6 pied-billed grebes, 2 pairs of redheads, 2 pairs of pintails, 65 greater scaup, 9 lesser scaup, 160 ring-necked ducks, 4 great blue herons, and a great egret

3/27 Kittatinny Lake:  Marianne Ofenloch had 2 pairs of long-tailed ducks and 150 ring-necked ducks.  Culver Lake had a horned grebe, a common loon, 2 Bonaparte’s gulls, 2 tree swallows, greater scaup, redheads, and 14 laughing gulls.  A bald eagle and a great blue heron were having an aerial fight at Hainesville WMA.  Four canvasbacks were at Holiday Lake.  Twenty-six song sparrows and 5 meadowlarks were along the road near the Hainesville Flats beef farm.

3/27 Swartswood Lake: Tommy Sudol had a male long-tailed duck and a common loon.  Culver Lake had 35 greater scaup, 3 redheads, horned grebe, pied-billed grebe, and a pair of common goldeneye.

3/26 Liberty Loop:  Blais Brancheau had pintails, ring-necked ducks, green-winged teal, shovelers, gadwall, American wigeon, black ducks, wood ducks, common mergansers, 3 harriers, a kestrel, and several red-tails.  He had 7 kestrels for the day including 3 at Winding Brook Farm on Rt 565.  Six meadowlarks were on Roy Rd in Wantage along with killdeer and kestrel.

3/26 Darren Rist heard a phoebe singing.

3/26 Karyn Cichocki heard 4 woodcocks peenting near the Quick Check at the corner of Rts 15 & 94.  A male common merg was on a pond at the corner of Rt 94 & Sid Taylor Rd in Hampton Twp.

3/25 Wade & Sharon Wander had their first purple finch at their feeders since last fall. At least 100 goldfinches were also present.  An osprey was at a local farm pond.

3/25 Lake Mohawk:  Bill Warren reports 80 ring-necked ducks, 24 hooded mergs, 2 buffleheads, 100-120 common mergs, 100’s of herring gulls, and 70 ruddy ducks.

3/25 Culver Lake:  Lee & Terry McQuillin had wood ducks, buffleheads, hooded & common mergs, ring-necked ducks, gadwalls, mute swans, bald eagles, purple finches, and bluebirds.

3/24 Bob Sandy photographed some birds around his yard.

3/24 Lafayette:  Karyn Cichocki has had red-wings, grackles, cowbirds, fox & tree sparrows, red-breasted nuthatch, and a Cooper’s hawk.

3/19 Andover:  Birds in Deborah Bifulco’s yard include 6 fox sparrows, 10 tree sparrows, 6 song sparrows, juncos, white-throats, red-breasted nuthatches, Carolina wrens, red-wings, grackles, cowbirds, starlings, red-bellied woodpeckers, goldfinches, cedar waxwings, house finches (including an orange morph bird), and a red fox.  Bluebirds have been checking out a nest box.

3/18 Owens Station:  Marianne Ofenloch had 200 pintails, a pied-billed grebe, coots, swans, geese, great blue heron, harrier, and a bald eagle. Wantage: Two horned larks were along Beemer Rd and 9 white-crowned sparrows were along Unionville Rd.  Snow buntings were in the Rose Morrow,Wolfpit Rd area.

3/18 Karyn Cichocki had a pair of pileated woodpeckers and a pair of fox sparrows in her yard.

3/17 Karyn Cichocki had a tree sparrow join the red-wings, goldfinches, and fox sparrow at her feeder.

3/16 Bill & Connie Warren have a screech owl in a box in their yard.

3/16 Culver Lake:  Lee & Terry McQuillen had 2 pairs of duelling bald eagles, numerous gulls, Canada geese, common & hooded mergansers, buffleheads, mute swans, black ducks, and mallards.

3/16 Among the birds visiting Wade & Sharon Wander’s feeders after the storm are grackles, cowbirds, red-wings, fox, tree, & song sparrows, and up to 75 goldfinches.

3/14 At her feeders in Andover Debbi Bifulco had starlings, grackles, juncos, white-throated, song, fox, & tree sparrows, red-breasted nuthatches, hairy, downy, & red-bellied woodpeckers, jays, titmice, chickadees, and cardinals.

3/14 Among the birds at Karyn Cichocki’s feeder during the storm were grackles, red-wings, cowbirds, mourning doves, cardinals, house finches, goldfinches, juncos, 5 white-throats, 3 song sparrows, fox sparrow, Cooper’s hawk, crows, downy, hairy, & red-bellied woodpeckers, and a red-breasted nuthatch.

3/13 Glenn Mahler had a pine siskin at his feeder in Stillwater.  After the snowstorm he has had 80 goldfinches, 3 fox sparrows, 6-10 tree sparrows, and at least 100 juncos.

3/12 Delaware River, Montague:  Marianne Ofenloch watched 2 bald eagles lock talons and tumble through the air while a third one flew nearby. On River Rd in Montague some vultures, a bald eagle, and 3 red-tailed hawks took turns feasting on a deer carcass.  Other spots for eagles included River Rd near Hidden Hollow, and at Culver Lake.  Roy Rd in Wantage had 20 snipe.  A red-shouldered hawk was along Statesville Quarry Rd.

3/11 Wade & Sharon Wander had 3 meadowlarks at the intersection of Phil Hardin & Fredonia Rds in Fredon along with several fox sparrows.  Red-shouldered hawks are refurbishing a nest near their house.

3/11 Marianne Ofenloch had a tree sparrow in her yard along with red-wings, grackles, cowbirds, and a starling.  An osprey was over Rt 206 in Montague.  Pete Bacinski reported seeing a meadowlark along 206 near Plains Rd.  Roy Rd in Wantage had 2 kestrels, 6 killdeer, and 17 snipe.

3/8 Karyn Cichocki had a female kestrel on the wire along Rt 565 south of the Sussex Airport.  A killdeer was calling near her house.

3/8 Marianne Ofenloch had hundreds of gulls over Culver Lake at sunset.  A fox sparrow and a wood duck were at Lake Iliff.  Mallards were on nests in the swamp at Limecrest & Randazzo Rds.  Fourteen killdeer were at Brodhecker’s Farm in Baleville.  A drake red-breasted merganser was on Swartswood Lake.


3/5 Lafayette:  Karyn Cichocki has goldfinches, song sparrow, juncos, cardinals, downy & red-bellied woodpeckers.  Bluebirds were checking out a house.

3/5 Jack Padalino led a search for eagles along the Delaware that produced 35 species including 29 bald eagles, 10 red-tailed hawks, Cooper’s hawk, pileated woodpecker, common raven, and red-breasted nuthatch.

3/2 Liberty Loop:  Scott Rando and Marianne Ofenloch had a rough-legged hawk, several harriers, a red-tailed hawk, turkey vultures, Canada & snow geese, pintails, mallards, a pied-billed grebe, red-wings, spring peepers, and woodcocks.

2/28 Maria Loukeris heard a woodcock peenting near her house in Vernon.

2/28 Lynn Groves had a drake red-breasted merganser and a drake common goldeneye with several hundred common mergansers on Lake Owassa.

2/27 Hyper Humus:  Karyn Cichocki had American wigeons, green-winged teal, gadwalls, black ducks, shovelers, a harrier, and spring peepers.

2/27 Winding Waters Trail, Wallkill Refuge:  Donna & Don Traylor had a harrier, killdeer, bluebirds, song sparrows, wood ducks, a kestrel, mallards, Canada geese, black ducks, scaup, green-winged teal, and a snow goose.  At their house in Frankford they had a fox sparrow, mallards, black ducks, green-winged teal, and red-wings.

2/26 Bob Sandy shared some photos from his Wantage yard.

dsc_0333b dsc_0164 dsc_0783 dsc_0665b

2/26 Fred Weber had a fox sparrow in his Culver Lake yard.  Along the Timberdoodle Trail near Kelly Rd there were 5 or 6 fox sparrows, a barred owl, 3-4 woodcocks, a spring peeper, and several wood frogs.

2/25 Hyper Humus:  Karyn Cichocki had harrier, killdeer, golden-crowned kinglet, red-wings, a garter snake, and several painted turtles.  Her yard in Lafayette had grackles, red-wings, cowbirds, goldefinches, and robins.

2/24 Liberty Loop:  Deborah Bifulco had 3 harriers, several thousand Canada geese, several hundred pintails, some killdeer, and red-winged blackbirds.  In her yard were singing cardinals, red-wings, titmice, and bluebirds.  A pair of red-breasted nuthatches are coming to her feeders.

eabl-male eabl nopi

2/24 Tommy Sudol had a pine siskin fly over his house in Stillwater.

2/23 Marianne Ofenloch had the 4 continuing tundra swans and the Eurasian wigeon on Lake Hopatcong.  She has a fox sparrow, grackles, goldfinches, and house finches in her yard.  Swartswood Lake has a double-crested cormorant.  Large numbers of ring-necked ducks and common mergansers are on many local lakes and ponds.

2/23 Hyper Humus:  Karyn Cichocki had 20 pairs each of American wigeon & pintails, 2 pairs of gadwall, a pair of shovelers, a kingfisher, and a female harrier.  A kingfisher was along the stream on Van Sickle Rd and there were 12 mourning doves & 2 red-wings in her yard.

2/22 Swartswood Lake:  Bill & Connie Warren had 100 common mergansers, 25 hooded mergansers, several ring-necked ducks, 2 bald eagles, a pair of mallards, and some buffleheads.  Little Swartswood Lake also had common mergansers, buffleheads, and mallards.  An eagle was on the nest there.

2/22 Karyn Cichocki heard red-winged blackbirds singing from a wet area near her house.  A screech owl was in a box near the Farmstead Golf Club.

2/22 Darren Rist noted that 3 pairs of hooded mergansers had arrived on Mecca Lake.

2/21 Marianne Ofenloch had 2 snow geese and a green-winged teal at Swartswood Lake.  A grackle was with blackbirds at Hainesville WMA.  An adult bald eagle was in a backyard near the intersection of Deckertown Tpke & Rt 519.  Glaucous and Iceland gulls continue at the SCMUA and a red-shouldered hawk was at Hillside Park in Andover.  Short-eared owls, harriers, and a rough-legged hawk were at Liberty Loop.  A rusty blackbird was at the Flatbrook-Roy WMA and a pileated woodpecker was sharing a tree with a flicker.


2/21 Scott Rando saw a flock of red-winged blackbirds on the McDade Trail near the Raymondsvill cliffs (DWGNRA).

2/20 Lynn Groves had red-winged blackbirds in her yard.

2/19 Tommy Sudol had a red-shouldered hawk eating roadkill near Plymouth Lake.

2/17 Fred Weber had 3 white-crowned sparrows on Meyer Rd in Frankford Twp.

2/11 Marianne Ofenloch & Tom Halliwell had a snow bunting on Creek Rd in Green Twp.  Tom had 3 canvasbacks on Lake Tranquility and Marianne had a red-shouldered hawk there.  Between the Lake Forest Yacht Club and the Brady bridge on Lake Hopatcong Marianne had 3 tundra swans and a Eurasian wigeon.  Iceland and glaucous gulls have been seen in that area recently.

2/11 Old Mine Rd.:  In the Van Campen Inn area Fred Weber had 130 white-throats, 150 juncos, 12 cardinals, 3 song sparrows, 2 white-breasted nuthatches, several chickadees & titmice, a pileated woodpecker, and a red-tail.

2/10 Bob Sandy photographed some birds in his Wantage yard.

dsc_8291final2 dsc_8604c dsc_8054

2/10 Among the birds around Deborah Bifulco’s Andover yard were tree sparrows, red-wings, grackles, cowbirds, starlings, gold & house finches, and 2 red-breasted nuthatches.

rwbl wtsp atsp noca rbnu

2/9 Lafayette:  Barb Sendelbach had a rusty blackbird at her feeder with a mixed blackbird flock.

red-winged-bb rusty-bb c-grackles

2/9 Walking near his house in Augusta, Mike Gannon had a bluebird, a white-throated sparrow, a bald eagle, and 30 snow geese.

2/8 Karyn Cichocki had cedar waxwings in her yard.

2/7 Karyn Cichocki had a harrier flying near the intersection of Rts 94 & 206 in Newton.  A red-breasted nuthatch and a Cooper’s hawk have been in her yard.

2/5 Jack Padalino led a search for eagles along the Delaware that produced 32 species including 59 bald eagles, 21 red-tailed hawks, Cooper’s hawk, and pileated woodpecker.

1/30 Wade Wander photographed a red-shouldered hawk in his yard in Fredon.


1/30 Karyn Cichocki has a Cooper’s hawk hanging around her yard.


1/30 Marianne Ofenloch had 21 ravens at the ATT tower at High Point SP.


1/29 A Cooper’s hawk chased 6 mourning doves through Karyn Cichocki’s yard.

1/28 Marianne Ofenloch had a red-shouldered hawk at Paulinskill River WMA and 2 bald eagles at Swartswood Lake.

Stuck to the Ribs?


1/28 Birds around Marianne Ofenloch’s yard include house sparrows, a pair of house finches, a goldfinch, and a Cooper’s hawk.


1/26 Lee & Terry McQuillin had 4 bald eagles at Culver Lake.

1/20 Bob Sandy photographed a red-tailed hawk at Liberty Loop.

dsc_546calan dsc_5475alan dsc_5480fincalan

1/19 Fred Weber had an adult glaucous gull and an immature Iceland gull at the Lafayette landfill.

1/16 Among the birds at Karyn Cichocki’s house were a red-breasted nuthatch, a hairy woodpecker, up to 40 cowbirds, many red-wings & grackles, 6 cardinals, 2 tree sparrows, starlings, a mockingbird, and 6 mourning doves.

1-9-17-c-1 1-7-17-a

1/14 Bob Sandy photogrpahed a pileated woodpecker in his Wantage yard.


1/14 Marianne Ofenloch had a pair of pintails on the creek on Van Sickle Rd in Lafayette.  She photographed a red-shouldered hawk in her yard.


1/12 Marianne Ofenloch had a pine siskin and two house finches in her yard.  She had a Ross’ goose at the Homestead pond.


1/10 Fred Weber had an immature Iceland gull at the Sussex County landfill.

1/8 Jack Padalino led a search for eagles along the Delaware that produced 39 species including 67 bald eagles, 17 red-tailed hawks, and 4 pileated woodpeckers.

1/7 Birds around Deborah Bifulco’s yard included fox & tree sparrows, and many juncos.  A fox was also in the yard.

deju fosp fox atsp

1/6 Bob Sandy photographed a pair of bald eagles at the Port Jervis Cemetery near the Delaware River.


1/6 Liberty Loop:  Fred Weber had a dark-phase rough-leg, 8-10 harriers, 4-5 red-tails, a Cooper’s hawk, 2 short-eared owls, and a great horned owl.

1/5 Karyn Cichocki had a phoebe at a bridge on Van Sickle Rd in Lafayette.  A large flock of grackles flew over her house.  A female cowbird and 5 female cardinals were at her feeders.

1/1 Karyn Cichocki had a yellow-rumped warbler in her yard.

1/1 Jack Padalino led a search for eagles along the Delaware that produced 30 species including 27 bald eagles, 12 red-tailed hawks, and a peregrine falcon.