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Here’s a map of Hyper Humus

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Birding the Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority (SCMUA) landfill

** Please note that SCMUA is engaged in major construction & renovation work, including the demolition of the “Y” at the entrance where birders have typically been permitted to view the landfill, as well as removal of the adjacent sand/gravel embankment, relocation of the recycling area, & construction of new pits. Construction is expected to last 2-3 years & birding access will be extremely limited. If you are planning to bird there, please call the SCMUA office at (973) 579-6998 beforehand for more info on whether birding would be allowed on the day you plan to go.**

The landfill is located on Route 94 just north of the intersection with Route 15. Operating hours are between 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM. No birding is permitted before or after those hours. Masks and other Covid-19 guidelines apply when you are near other people on the site.

Enter the landfill from Route 94.
Take the first left turn to the Administration Building.

Enter the lobby, add your name to the sign-in sheet, & call the receptionist (973-579-6998, then dial 0) to find out where birding is permitted that day. Permitted location(s) may change daily. Sign out & call the receptionist again when you leave.

SCMUA is one of the best areas in Sussex County to watch & study gulls, crows, & vultures. Bald Eagles, Red-tailed Hawks, & other raptors can also be seen there.