Club and Other Field Trips

There are many field trips held throughout the year.These are also open to the public and anyone is welcome to join.

Sometimes the leader will request that you get in contact with them before the trip so that they can get a head count.Please read the details provided for each individual trip.

Search for Eagles Field Trips Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and Upper Delaware Scenic River

Leader Jack Padalino
December 16 and 30, February 3, and March 3
Meet at 8:00am at the
Pocono Environmental Education Center
538 Emery Rd, Dingmans Ferry, PA
Meet at 10:00am at the Historic Callahan House
101 Route 209 South at mile marker 21, Milford, Pa
December 9, January 27, February 10, and March 10
Meet at Noon at the Historic Callahan House
101 Route 209 South at mile marker 21, Milford, PA
This coming winter, Jack Padalino is once again leading the “Search for Eagles” in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and Upper Delaware Scenic River. The
series is offered each year to honor the memory of Dr. S. Marie Kuhnen, professor, birder, botanist, naturalist, and conservationist extraordinaire. She taught and inspired Jack and countless others who continue to carry on her legacy and “pass the torch” to many, including younger generations. Field trip participants will travel by car caravan.
All trips are FREE and will be held WEATHER PERMITTING. Dress warmly, bring binoculars, field guides, and a lunch. Trips will conclude along the Lackawaxen River at approximately 4:00 PM. If you plan to participate please contact Jack Padalino by:
Phone: 570.296.6752 or Email:

A Winter Wonders Wandering, Saturday, January 19 • 9:00am (Inclement Weather Date Sunday, January 20) Main Entrance Kittatinny State Park
Led by Merle and Roger Tanis
Come shake off the winter blues! Don your layers, puffy jacket, Nordic hat, boots, and binoculars! Bring your sense of wonder! Join us for a winter ramble through
Kittatinny Valley State Park! We’ll wander a couple trails and search the open waters
for anything with feathers and wings. What winter bird behaviors might we see? And…what other delights might we discover in the dead of winter? The forest and fields will still be alive…with life! We will identify a few trees using the clues in their twigs and bark, search for lower plant life with that green life color, and perhaps interpret tracks if there is snow. What discoveries can each of us make in this winter landscape? Meet leaders Merle and Roger Tanis in the parking lotby the large stone park building. To reach this lot, drive into the main entrance to Kittatinny Valley State Park off Goodale Road and proceed along the park road. This will be a morning walk, ending by or before noon. If your time permits, join us for a simple lunch at noon in our warm kitchen, a short drive from the park. Bring a sandwich, and we’ll supply plenty of hot beverages. Birding will continue as we keep a close watch on the feeding station through the kitchen glass sliders! For further information, email Merle at:

Dr. S. Marie Kuhnen, NJ North Coast Region 2018 Memorial Field Trip Thursday, January 31, 2019
Meet 7:00am at Ross’s Corner Park & Ride to Carpool
(at the intersection of Routes 206 and 15, Augusta, NJ)
Tour 9:30 am
Tour 9:30am
Leader Jack Padalino
The Dr. S. Marie Kuhnen Memorial Field Trip will take place along the New Jersey North Coast Region on Thursday, January 31. Members of the Sussex County Bird Club are welcome and invited to participate. Participants will need to dress warmly and bring lunch. On our drive “down the shore”we will be looking for Red-tailed Hawks, Black Vultures, and Turkey Vultures, as well as other birds. The shore birding will will include
visiting numerous fresh water ponds, estuaries, inlets, and the ocean front. It will begin at Old Sam’s Pond south of Manasquan Inlet, continuing through Point Pleasant Beach, and concluding at either Lake Takanassee or Seven Presidents’ Park in Long Branch. New Jersey North Shore tours, November through March,are noted for observing loons, grebes, Northern Gannet, Great Cormorant, geese, ducks including dabblers,divers, and sea ducks, Purple Sandpiper, gulls, and if we’re lucky, alcids. It is also possible to see noteworthyspecies sighted in the past such as Red-necked Grebe,
Eurasian Wigeon, Common and King Eiders, HarlequinDuck, Little, Black-headed, Bonaparte’s, Iceland, Lesser Black-backed, and Glaucous Gulls, as well as Blacklegged Kittiwake A list of rare species observed in the past include Eared andWestern Grebes, Tufted Duck, Barrow’s Goldeneye, SootyTern, Black-tailed Gull, Sabine’s Gull,
Dovekie, Common and Thick-billed Murres, Black Guillemot and Razorbill, an
impressive list of “target species” for the tour. If you plan to participate please contact Jack Padalino at 570.296.6752 or or