Sightings 2020

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1/2 Donna and Don- 2020 began with quality rather than quantity in our Frankford yard. The typical winter birds were enjoying the feeders but we were surprised to hear and see a belted kingfisher in the stream. Around 10pm an eastern screech owl was calling softly in the backyard. Additionally, we were treated with a great view of a barred owl at dusk on George Hill Road. Happy New Year!

1/5 Lee and Terry McQuillin (Culver Lake)- We have been watching lots of Bald Eagle activity and antics this morning. First  an adult female was eating a fish while sitting on the ice. She was joined by a male who sat patiently until she eventually let him have some of her fish. After he ate a bit they started “courting.” The courting consisted of lots of togetherness, head bobbing, and calling. Soon after, the juveniles flew in and began jousting—at one point there were five (looked like first year) storming each other.

1/8 Al Boyd- The eastern screech owl in our yard – which is featured on the club website – has reappeared after being absent for a year or so. At least I think it’s the same bird. It sits out in the hole most days even when the sun isn’t shining on it.IMG_2046.JPG